Dorian Dufour-Vorfeld

Dorian Dufour-Vorfeld


Cass Business School

…the Start-Up Studio will challenge you and equip you with essential tools for your future

Before undertaking my final year in my international business school, I took the Start-up Studio Summer Program at HEC Paris to confront my own start-up idea with today’s economic realities, as well as to receive advice and feedback from inspiring “real-life” entrepreneurs.

On my first day at the Start-up Studio, our team-building session was run by an internationally renowned athlete, who set the tone for the culture of excellence and high calibre of expert speakers we could expect for the upcoming two weeks. I quickly realized that I would be benefiting from advice from some of the best experts in their fields. Key learnings I took from our first lecture, and which can summarize the program in a few key words follow: take calculated risks, be persistent and don’t do it on your own.

This intensive two-week program offered me an invaluable, condensed approach to entrepreneurship. The lectures were insightful and discussed a wide array of technical and social skills for an entrepreneur’s toolkit. The quality of the teaching staff and guest speakers is undoubtedly one of the outstanding strengths of the Start-Up Studio. Rich discussions showcased an in-depth appreciation of various subjects, ranging from digital marketing to design thinking and finance. Moreover, our professors offered us all personalized feedback. Our professorial relationships with the teaching team are bound to continue long after the course end.

When I think about what makes the program unique, I would also cite the program’s social horizon and student diversity. The Start-Up studio proved to be a one-of-a-kind opportunity to understand how important others are in the entrepreneurial process, both as mentors and teammates. The diversity of profiles, and therefore of business ideas within the Start-Up studio included an audience ranging from students in business, liberal arts and engineering, to young professionals.

If I were to share my insight with future students, I would say that the Start-Up Studio will challenge you and equip you with essential tools for your future. But it might also leave you wanting for more and wishing that you could spend another two weeks, or two years, within the walls of HEC.