Sophie Dimich-Louvet

Sophie Dimich-Louvet


Columbia University

The Start-up Studio, Entrepreneurship Summer School Program surpasses its mission to boost knowledge of key strategic, commercial, and human issues vital to launching a start-up. Academic Directors, Etienne Krieger and Frédéric Iselin, coach student teams through the business plan development process. HEC alumni and leading professionals lead presentations on the “dos and don'ts” of management, marketing, finance, and human resources for a successful start-up. The Start-up Studio Program concludes by team pitches, with each team receiving constructive, detail-oriented feedback from the professors.

The professors’ experience and vast knowledge makes their feedback particularly relevant and valuable. Their pragmatic approach focuses on critical tools and concepts essential to the development of a start-up. The specificity of their feedback at the program close revealed their close relationship with students and their interest in each project’s success.

The Start-up Studio Summer Program is designed to benefit students who come with a specific project in mind as much as those who arrive without one. Students have an unparalleled opportunity to work with peers from all parts of the world, creating growth opportunities for multicultural teamwork.

This intensive, high-level program offered students a firm grasp of how to develop and launch business ideas while enlarging their global network.