Madeleine Planeix-Crocker Planeix

Madeleine Planeix-Crocker  Planeix


Princeton University

The outstanding quality of the professors and the education received throughout this intensive program is remarkable

As a student interested in business, yet with no prior education in the discipline, the HEC Paris Summer School program seemed like the appropriate introduction to the field. The interdisciplinary approach adopted by the intensive curriculum was particularly compelling, merging questions of entrepreneurship, ethics, and environmentalism into the broader area of social business.   

I was particularly responsive to the seminar-based set up of the program. Each seminar was highly specialized and taught by an expert in the field. This kind of pedagogy allows for in-depth discussions amongst students and the professor on a focalized topic. Such courses permit active engagement in the classroom experience, rendering the learning process all the more stimulating.   

The diverse student population encountered during the HEC Summer School program was particularly valuable during group collaborations. It was fascinating to observe my peers’ different thought processes, a reflection on our mode of education from each of our academic systems and institutions. These varying perspectives made our conversations rich and dynamic, and brought greater dimension to our final team projects.

As one of my goals during the summer program was to learn more about HEC as an academic institution, I thought it was important to live on campus throughout the course, so as to better understand HEC campus culture. I studied in the HEC library and study rooms and was very pleased with the on-campus accommodations for the students’ intellectual lives. Living on campus also allowed for new connections with current HEC students, who were welcoming to the HEC summer students. The collegiate atmosphere on HEC campus made the summer program all the more enjoyable.

I would highly recommend the HEC Paris Summer School as the outstanding quality of the professors and the education received throughout the intensive program is remarkable. This program only confirmed my desire to return to HEC for further studies.

Consequently, my senior year at Princeton University, I applied to HEC’s Mastère Spécialisé in Media, Art, and Creation. I was accepted into the program and am delighted to be currently engaging once again with HEC’s intellectual community.

In the future, I hope to curate interdisciplinary art exhibits and events in an innovative cultural center.