Yébé Diallo

Yébé Diallo


The Robert Gordon University

This program challenged my thinking and spurred my creativity to develop innovative strategies to achieve impact

After several years working in social investment and global development, I had learned a lot about ways to help create lasting social change in communities. Yet, I knew I was still missing something. I joined the HEC Paris Inclusive and Social Business Strategies Summer School Program in a quest for new ideas on how to create transformative programs to fight poverty in diverse settings across the world. My first days made me realize quickly that I was in the right place. The lectures underscored the unique role of the private sector as a solution to pressing social issues. They underlined the fact that we have to combine sustainability and profitability if we aim to build thriving economies and healthy communities.

The program took me through a journey of questioning poverty concepts – discovering the biased one, finding gaps in the better ones and appreciating the great ones. It challenged my thinking and spurred my creativity to develop innovative strategies to achieve impact. The diverse modules provided a great mix of theory and praxis. Marketing and business theories tailored to the needs of a changing business culture were delivered by engaging MBA professors. The workshops were facilitated by social entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and trendsetters. A deep-dive into real case studies expanded our critical thinking and provided a unique opportunity to learn the behind-the-scenes of existing social business programs.

Also fascinating were the diverse international academic and professional backgrounds of my classmates. It triggered rich cross-cultural experiences and passionate discussions during classes that often extended to our lunch and dinner tables. I truly recommend this Summer School Program to anyone who dreams and dares to become a change-maker in his/her field of work – regardless of the size of the company, the function or the sector where they may work. Attending the HEC Paris Summer School has been one of the most transformative educational experiences I have ever had.