Louise Desmet

Louise Desmet


Solvay Brussels School

Classes are taught by professors who have extensive experience in the luxury industry and who are very willing to share their knowledge

When I started the HEC summer school I had no clue what to expect. I had never done a Summer School program before and I started out with very little knowledge about the luxury sector.

 I discovered that there are two main aspects that make up the Summer School programs at HEC Paris:

 First of all, there is the curricular aspect. HEC Paris has a prestigious high-class reputation. Classes are taught by professors who have extensive experience in the luxury industry and who are very willing to share their knowledge with you. They make sure their classes are always interactive and interesting.

 By learning the basic concepts and the following stages of development of a brand, I discovered that there is much more to the Luxury industry than most people might expect. It is not just a highly priced product; it is the value and the emotion attributed that counts, the empowerment that it represents for the customer. The whole experience needs to be in line with this high value. It is a higher level of marketing.

If you like marketing and if you have a strong interest in luxury goods, this Summer School program is definitely something for you! Before participating in the Summer School I was searching for a passion which I could combine with my current studies of Business Engineering. Now I am pretty certain that I have found this in the luxury industry. I am definitely eager to expand my knowledge in the field by participating in a second Summer School program or an MBA.

Secondly, there is the leisure aspect! Even though you have 6 hours of class a day in your holidays, there is plenty of time to do stuff you like. As part of the Luxury Management program, we even did a field trip into Paris, and on the weekends or in the evening we would visit Versailles or go to Paris again.

You quickly make friends from all over the world, and even though you only have been together for two weeks, you know that anywhere you go, there will be someone you can count on to show you around. A connection built on passion, is a strong connection.

 If I could give any advice to incoming students? Don’t be afraid, and just go for it! It is highly rewarding. Even if you will have only just finished your last exams some days before, like me, you will still enjoy this wonderful and enlightening experience!