Marketing for the Digital Era Key Features

Our vision is for all participants to gain a strong competitive advantage by mastering the digital dimension of a marketing strategy.  The methodologies and tools used in this intensive program will also prove to be real assets for students’ future careers.

Vincent Fraitot, Academic Director, Marketing for the Digital Era Summer Program.

Why this program?

  • An intensive program geared toward students of diverse backgrounds, including those who are novices to the field 
  • Innovative learning approaches
  • Expert knowledge both on the fundamentals and on latest trends of marketing
  • Real-life micro cases
  • Diverse media including videos, Apps, and state-of-the-art Internet tools (e.g., Google analytics). 

A program rooted in current economic realities

Digital transformation is impacting companies today in myriad ways and at a brisk pace. In this new era, Digital offers the opportunity to disrupt any existing business model. How? By changing channel access to customers, providing new ways to create value, facilitating strengthened customer relationships, increasing customer power…

In this context, marketing departments take center stage in the process of “managing” digital with the goal of maximizing brand promotion as well as company performance. The search is on for new, cutting-edge talent that will be able to design and implement effective, new strategies in the Digital Era.

The Summer School Program on “Marketing for the Era of Digital Transformation” is designed for students who aspire to integrate and maximize the power of Digital in their future roles. The intensive program familiarizes participants with the key concepts of Marketing and Digital. Participants will learn how Digital can be used to develop business and maximize performance capabilities. Participants will have the opportunity to practice what they learn by creating a Digital Marketing plan for an existing brand in Luxury or in High-tech domain.

The intensive program is geared toward students of diverse backgrounds, including those who are novices to the field as well as those with some knowledge of Digital Marketing. Classroom pedagogy involves innovative learning approaches, which enable students to build both strategic and operational skills. Students will not only gain expert knowledge both on the fundamentals and on latest trends, but they will also practice Digital Marketing by tackling real-life micro cases. Students will benefit from the use of diverse media including videos, Apps, and state-of the-art Internet tools (e.g., Google analytics). At the close of the program, students will present their team proposal to a jury composed of recognized Digital Marketing experts who will offer valuable, targeted feedback.