Statistics and Business Analytics Key Features

How do we communicate in today’s era? Why is it relevant to all of us and not only limited to statistical experts?
In the Statistics and Business Analytics Summer Program at HEC Paris, you will discover the answers to these questions and become the expert.

Professor Xavier Boute, Academic Director “Statistics and Business Analytics” Summer School Program.

Why this summer program?

  • Created and taught by leading HEC Paris professors 
  • Real-life cases based on current business scenarios 
  • Accessible to students of all backgrounds. No need to be a mathematician to attend 
  • Unparalleled opportunity to collaborate with diverse peers as part of student work group 
  • Real life experience: final presentation to jury of renowned professionals.

A program with a pratical approach

The aim of this intensive program is to prepare you to use statistical tools and quantitative methods in order to make better business decisions. As technology evolves rapidly, entrepreneurs and a wide range of professionals can rely on larger, more detailed and reliable, data sets concerning all facets of a business. Tools for statistical analysis are becoming ever more sophisticated, powerful and user-friendly. Statistical analyses can be run from multiple locations with short delays. Therefore, before making a strategic decision, and before communicating to colleagues, supervisors or outside stakeholders, you will want to consider the relevant data, understand and explain statistical analyses with ease and impact. The goal of this course is to prepare you to do just that.