The Future of Energy Key Features

A successful strategy today hinges upon energy markets and prices. We will offer you the energy background that is needed irrespective of your career path.

Jean-Michel Gauthier, Academic Director, The Future of Energy Summer Program.

Why this summer program?

infographie Energy and Finance
  • Created and taught by leading HEC Paris Professors
  • Real life cases
  • Accessible to students of all backgrounds who wish to integrate in their thinking energy issues and their impact on the face of the world
  • Unparalleled opportunity to collaborate with diverse peers as part of student work group
  • Real life experience: final presentation to jury of renowned professionals
  • HEC expertise in Finance: award-winning programs, number one pre-experience Global Master in Finance worldwide in 2018 (see the article)

A program rooted in current economic realities

If you are interested in understanding the future of energy and global trends, this intensive summer program will provide you with an in-depth insight on the stakes for the 21st century.

Through interactive seminars with the lead professor and expert guest speakers, students will explore the fundamentals behind the ongoing shifts in energy consumption and production.Detailed classroom discussions will explore critical questions, such as, but not limited to the following:

  • The 20th century is considered as “the century of hydrocarbons and nuclear”; will the 21st century move away from both to become the century of renewables?
  • Will the global economy be ruled by carbon issues? 
  • How will the rise of unconventional oil, gas and renewables change the face of the world? 
  • How will the long-term fundamentals of energy be reviewed due to the shift of Russia’s gas exports toward Asia, or due to the Middle East’s becoming the main destination of its resources? 
  • Will long-term importers, such as the U.S., become major exporters? 
  • In 20 years, what will energy markets look like?
  • Are we headed towards a completely deregulated and global market, or a patchwork of largely re-regulated demand areas and decentralized market designs? With what consequences?

This intensive program on the Future of Energy is geared toward advanced university students as well as Masters students seeking to better comprehend the energy sector in preparation for future demands in our quickly changing world.  Students will work collaboratively in teams on a group project concerning critical topics in the field of energy.