Jessica Honan

Jessica Honan, Academic Co-Director, is an innovative educator who has contributed to youth leadership endeavors since 2002. She is passionate about empowering today's youth, so that they may go confidently in the direction of their dreams.

Dedicating hundreds of hours to public service projects and community events shaped her childhood and instilled a sense of purpose at a young age. It is this motivation combined with vast professional experience providing leadership training for hundreds of today's youth, which brings her to the HEC Paris Youth Leadership Initiative. Formerly a lead teacher with AmeriCorps, Jessica has taught at diverse and renowned schools in the United States, France and Switzerland, as well as at educational summer camps with Walt Disney, China.

An expert in the field of student leadership, Jessica is regularly called upon by educational associations to deliver her expertise in conferences on the "Classroom Culture" of youth leadership and empowerment. Her achievements in the field of leadership development have earned her multiple awards, including the most noteworthy, a "Congressional Award Gold Medal" by the United States Congress.

Also an expert in the field of hospitality, Jessica has held vital management positions at Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, where she led international staff and finessed her public speaking and crisis communication skills. When in the classroom, she teaches leadership, business and communication courses to students of all ages. Outside the classroom, Jessica can be found organizing youth well-being and yoga workshops in Paris where she currently resides. A former Division 1 soccer player, Jessica is also known within educational communities as the founder of "Paris Girls Soccer" which she founded to help boost students' self-esteem and help them experience team spirit. Jessica holds a Bachelor's degree from Virginia Tech and a Masters degree in Education from Rockhurst University.