Sebastiaan van Hövell tot Westerflier

Sebastiaan van Hövell tot Westerflier

Exchange Student

from Rotterdam school of management- Erasmus University

HEC’s Exchange Program can be described best using the following: ambition, internationalization, and intellectual freedom. It is characterized by a multi-disciplinary course structure, allowing students to expand on their current academic interests, as well as providing them with the perfect opportunity to explore new, unknown disciplines. A truly valuable and great learning experience in a stimulating environment.

HEC students are – without any doubt – driven to excel; every day, you will find setting higher targets for yourself. At HEC, intellectual freedom is clearly promoted. The Program provides a suitable balance between achieving academic excellence and personal development. A diversity of students with numerous nationalities and cultures are attracted, creating a multicultural learning environment. It is truly a socially-intriguing experience – meeting students from different parts of the globe, sharing one single and utmost passion: to become a global citizen.

Leaving one’s comfort zone is the thrill. I promise you that taking part in HEC’s Exchange will add significant value to your experience as a student, and beyond.