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Eloïc Peyrache

Eloïc Peyrache, Associate Dean

Associate Dean

HEC Paris campus is an international ecosystem overflowing with ideas and interactions, which is a great asset for remaining at the forefront of research and teaching. Eloïc Peyrache, Associate Dean, tells us about HEC’s policy of innovation and its ambitions for the future.

What kind of policy on innovation does HEC Paris run?

HEC campus is a huge testing ground that gathers together professors from all continents, large international companies, a Digital Center, and the Society & Organization Center. The HEC Entrepreneurship Center is at the heart of research on new economic models. It unites hundreds of start-ups thanks to an Incubator and an Accelerator. The Digital Center provides reading grids on the big changes due to the digitalization of our economies while the Society & Organization Center puts into perspective the economic, social and societal evolutions of our time, trying to chart a path towards the future.

Are students the main driving force of this active policy?

On HEC Campus, more than 100 nationalities live together, sharing dreams, knowledge, research, career goals and personal ambitions. This vibrant environment is an endless source of inspiration to renew our programs, create new content, new formats and to answer to our students’ expectations. They need us to support them in their projects, which leads us to constantly search for new teaching methods, international partnerships, new prestigious dual degrees, in order to satisfy this growingly demanding and connected generation.

HEC Paris has launched a brand-new program on Big Data, in partnership with École Polytechnique…

HEC Paris and École Polytechnique have indeed joined forces to create a new MSc dedicated to all Big Data aspects and issues. In the digital era, it is indispensable to master and exploit the huge amount of data generated by our consumption habits (such as e-mails, GPS and banking data). We are convinced that with a degree combining cutting-edge education in engineering and data science on one hand, and in management and strategy on the other hand, graduates will start their career with valuable assets. Companies have such a great need for this type of double profiles that they recruit students even before their graduation.

The Canadian Peter Todd became the new HEC Dean in 2015. What has it changed since?

Peter Todd’s arrival is a fantastic opportunity for HEC Paris. He brings his teaching and research experience and previous experience of being Dean at Desautels Business School (McGill University in Canada), but also his multicultural outlook, which will allow HEC to pursue and accelerate its international development. Peter Todd made it clear: HEC needs to enter the very select club of the best business schools in the world. This ambitious objective will be achieved thanks to all of HEC’s assets: professors, students, collaborators, alumni because in this group of the best business schools in the world is where HEC truly belongs.