Masters' programs - tomorrow is our business

"Let’s do well and the rankings will take care of themselves" Peter Todd

To be top of the league tables isn’t a goal in itself but the result of continued efforts to maintain high levels of quality.

HEC Paris is highly selective of its students in entering the Master in Management – Grande École. From 10,000 French students from “classes préparatoires” (preparatory classes), each year HEC selects the 380 best candidates from the whole of France. Naturally, the fact that you are sure to rub shoulders with the best French students does attract the best students from other countries as a result. For example, the average grade obtained in the GMAT by foreign students joining HEC is 715, a score equivalent to that of the most prestigious American MBAs: Columbia University for example boasts an average of 716, and MIT comes in just after HEC Paris, with an average of 713. This virtuous circle that HEC Paris has succeeded in creating is based on the strong foundation of the specialist teaching from world-renowned professors.

An international faculty

In effect, HEC Paris is supported by an international professional body of the highest calibre, whose work and reputation continually attract new professors of an equally high level. Everybody knows that it is possible to brush shoulders with colleagues of the same value at the heart of the HEC Paris faculty, which is made up of 138 permanent professors, holders of doctorates from the best universities of the world: Harvard, McGill, MIT, Princeton, Stanford, UCLA, Wharton, Yale and many more.

Today, almost 65% of professors at HEC Paris are international, representing more than 30 nationalities. Passionate and totally invested in their research missions and the spreading of their knowledge, they contribute an essential proportion of the richness of the academic experience lived by the students of HEC Paris. Beyond the classes themselves, it is their cultural orientation, their vision of the world and the great experience that they share with the students every single day. These students come out of HEC profoundly nourished and having gained much in terms of growth from the experience. They will be capable not only of deeply understanding the major evolutions in our societies, but also of fully participating in them.

Professional success guaranteed

The biggest companies know that they will find these qualities in HEC Paris graduates because they will have been built up over the course of the two-phase program, one phase being more general and the other enabling development of specific expertise in one discipline or sector. This is why they actively look to recruit our graduates and they do so into many different disciplines: consulting, finance, marketing, and law among others. Large groups of them participate in career events organised by HEC Paris: Forum Finance, Carrefours HEC and many more.

Thanks to these close ties with the professional world, which then filter through into all academic content, students at HEC Paris benefit from a highly professionally-orientated training which allows them to quickly integrate into business: three months after the end of classes, 96% of students from the Grande Ecole MiM had found a job, with an average minimum salary of €52,000 in France, and even higher at €58,000 outside of France. Since the job market, for HEC Paris’ graduates, goes well beyond the borders of France: 33% of graduates start their careers abroad, and this figure continues to grow every year.

In this way, to study at HEC Paris opens up unparalleled international opportunities. The School implements this strong drive towards broadened horizons through numerous partnerships with the best universities in the world: Keio University in Japan, The National University of Singapore, Tsinghua University in China, The Institute of Management of Ahmedabad in India, etc. HEC Paris’ students therefore have access to a whole ecosystem of international excellence. The opportunity for students to complete their MiM – Grande École degree with one year of study in a partner university or as a double degree, provides them with a vast array of opportunities in terms of learning, networking and career progression. It is also the reason why The Times Higher Education rankings demonstrated such a strong presence of HEC Paris graduates in senior positions in all countries.

An unforgettable experience

But if HEC Paris enables students to access top career development opportunities, then it is also because it provides an unforgettable life experience. HEC Paris offers a rounded experience to high-potential students, a journey that is academic, professional, personal and entrepreneurial, during which they get the chance to discover themselves and realise their full potential.

Furthermore, the HEC experience provides to students all the ingredients they need in order to become the managers of tomorrow: with a real influence over the fate of the world, whether this manifests itself in terms of social and economic innovation, sustainable development or even in promoting equal opportunities.

The responsible leaders of the future

This transformation enables the students to go on to occupy senior positions and to make up a new generation of managers who are not just capable but also responsible. However the propensity to mould responsible leaders who are committed to the future of our planet is not, for the moment, taken into account by international rankings. Even though it is one of HEC Paris’ most significant achievements as well as its biggest ambition for the future.

For decades HEC Paris has over time maintained high standards of excellence in multiple fields. The rankings have just confirmed this reality, each in a separate arena: firstly in relation to salaries and international mobility (Financial Times), two more with regard to research (QS et L’Etudiant-EducPros), and another concerning the progression of graduates to the highest roles in large multinational companies (Times HE Alma Mater Index).