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HEC Paris Leading to Top Careers in Finance

HEC Paris is a business school at the cutting edge in Finance. It offers a wide variety of programs and specializations leading to top careers in the field.

Students striving for top careers in Finance have the chance to achieve them at HEC Paris. Its various programs in Finance get impressive results in regards to career prospects, which is why they reach the highest positions in world-rankings. 


First-class academic teams

This success is due to “an outstanding research staff”, says Alexei Ovtchinnikov, Academic Director of the MiM’s International Finance specialization and of the MIF program (MSc International Finance): “Overall, our permanent teaching staff at HEC come from 29 different nationalities, have received 119 prizes over the past 5 years, and contributed in 2015 to 82 articles in scientific papers, out of which 41 in ‘alpha’ publications*. This makes our teaching staff unique in the sense that they are at the forefront of research innovation”.
This high-quality academic team attracts the best students from all continents. 250 students follow each year an HEC program dedicated to finance. They all wish to learn from the best professors but also professional experts. As recalls Olivier Bossard, Executive Director of the MiM’s International Finance specialization and of the MIF: “Complementing this strong academic offering, 50% of our courses are offered by top-notch market practitioners, who take every year a few days off from their day job and come to the school to teach their current field of expertise as they live it ‘on the ground’”. These professionals may come from the banking or the insurance industry, from consulting firms as well as rating agencies.

HEC support towards top careers in Finance

In order to maximize internship and job opportunities in Finance, many career and networking events are held on campus:

  • HEC Alumni Finance Event in September
  • International Finance Forum in October
  • FinTech Talent Fair in December
  • “Carrefours” HEC in January
  • Numerous conferences by renowned experts

Ferdinand Petra, an HEC Paris Career Advisor specialized in the Finance sector, explains: “HEC offers students a full spectrum career coaching service led by ex-practitioners, ranging from CV review to filmed mock interviews or on-going career advice to help them go through the application and interviewing process with employers, up to their choice between multiple job offers”. Indeed, the HEC Paris Career Service provides a 6-step career roadmap that helps students to explore their options and build their professional path.

Ferdinand Petra continues: “HEC also provides a strong human support to the students in their discovery of the financial world, thanks to the academic team, which is always open to share its knowledge. Moreover, the external team of Visiting Professors comprising over 40 practitioners from all areas of finance offer to HEC students their experience and advice, across the entire spectrum of finance jobs, functions and categorization of institutions (Consulting Firms, Sell-side Banks, Asset Managers, Institutional Investors, Hedge Funds, Venture Capital, Private Equity and Family Offices)”.

50% of our courses are offered by top-notch market practitioners who come to the school to teach their current field of expertise as they live it ‘on the ground'

In addition, many HEC Finance programs organize specific events to boost their students’ career prospects:

  • London study trip the 3rd week of September with 15 Investment Bank visits and 3 networking events with HEC Alumni in London (International Finance specialization and MIF)
  • Luxembourg study trip (Managerial and Financial Economics)
  • Bank presentations on campus throughout September and October (twice a week) & several ad-hoc company events afterward (e.g. Asset Management, Strategic Consulting).
  • And many others.

A global reach

The HEC Alumni network is another strong asset for all HEC finance graduates. 52,300 alumni in 132 countries, and 7,000 in the Finance sector, are ready to help students and new graduates to achieve their ambitions. This strong backing can be seen through big events such as the Alumni Career Fair but also in the students’ everyday life, for instance through the mentoring program.

As Olivier Bossard says: “HEC Alumni Finance has over 7,000 members structured around 6 Clubs, 4 of which are dedicated to business links within the Banking and Insurance sector (Investment banking and Capital Investment, Wealth Management, Insurance and Capital Markets), finished off with a more transversal group: Strategy and Management of Financial Institutions. The Alumni network constantly promotes exchanges between our students and the business community, providing invaluable support, guidance, and even direct offers before the students even have to apply for a job”.


A variety of HEC Finance programs

HEC Paris offers many possibilities to study Finance. The first is to follow the Master in Management. Thanks to its two-phase curriculum, this degree is the most comprehensive path towards a career in finance. First, the M1 year is dedicated to the general management and financial fundamentals with the following courses: corporate finance, financial accounting, financial economics, financial markets. Then, students have access to a variety of possible specializations during the M2 year. Within the field of Finance, they can choose:

HEC Paris also provides specialized programs in the Finance field, destined to Bachelor (or higher) graduates:

Each of these programs and specializations has unique features with regards to their content and their learning objectives as well as the career prospects that they open up. Their common point is that all of their graduates achieve impressive professional success. That is why HEC Paris is the best choice to prepare efficiently one’s future career in finance.

*Alpha publications are top-level scientific publications.