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HEC Paris, the ideal pathway into the consulting sector

HEC Paris leads its graduates towards top careers in consulting, in France and abroad. It offers a world-leading education enabling future careers as consultants in the most prestigious and demanding companies in the world.

The consulting sector traditionally recruits a large number of HEC Paris graduates. The profiles of candidates trained at HEC perfectly match the needs of large businesses and consulting firms. As a top-ranking institution, the school selects its students on a very strict basis. Once admitted into HEC, the students are taught a wide range of skills and expertise and they develop critical thinking skills and strategies.

When recruiting, consulting firms are equally as demanding. Not only expecting the most technical of profiles, but also those with strong analytical skills and the capacity to adapt to complex evolving environments. This vision of excellence shared by HEC Paris and the consulting sector allows its graduates to pursue shining careers in the discipline.

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Almost one third of HEC Paris graduates, on average, choose to start out their careers in the field of consulting. Whatever the program of study they pursued at HEC, the students are sure to benefit from a world-renowned training. They have access to the large management consulting firms such as Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey and Bain & Company.  Each year these firms recruit a large number of graduates after submitting them to rigorous selection processes similar in nature to those to which HEC Paris graduates are perfectly accustomed.

Access consulting through a diversity of HEC programs

Through innovative teaching which covers all strategic problems encountered by businesses, by way of a practical approach, HEC Paris offers the perfect path towards careers in consulting.

The Master in Management - Grande Ecole program, split across two years of study, is one of the biggest producers of future consultants thanks to the many specializations it offers. The M1 year allows students to learn about the basics of management and to understand the strategic issues faced by businesses; while the M2 year gives them access to specialist teachings, to open up wide and varied career opportunities within consulting. Here are the possible specializations that can be selected and the topics that they cover:

This diverse range of available specialities allows students to follow programs according to their own interests before becoming a consultant in their chosen sector and type of business. 

Select connections with the consulting world

The long-standing relationship between HEC Paris and the big consulting firms is shown in the constant participation of these players in the life of its programs. In addition to the case studies which provide the students with the opportunity to solve real-life problems, the special links which HEC Paris maintains with the world of consulting allow students to learn directly from the experts in the field for, on average, half of their curriculum. Through classes and workshops, they acquire a full vision of the issues associated with consulting and enjoy numerous networking opportunities.

An example of how attractive HEC profiles are to the consulting sector is in the unmissable presence of the biggest consulting firms at many career events organized on campus throughout the academic year. These include:

And so, in this way, the companies come in their hundreds directly onto the campus each year to recruit its students, making HEC Paris the ideal pathway into careers in consulting.

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