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HEC offices worldwide

Facilitating the recruitment of graduates into high-level positions and promoting the good reputation of HEC, these are the objectives of the HEC Paris representative offices abroad. These offices, in London, New York, Tokyo, Doha and Berlin, play a key role in HEC Paris’ development strategy.


After being founded in Paris in 1881, HEC began a strategy of internationalisation which today allows it to count nearly 50% international students and 64% foreign professors and has given it a position at the top of many major world rankings. To support its development, representative offices were opened since 2014 in different vibrant cities of the world: London, Tokyo, New York, Doha and, since September, Berlin.

Nurturing the good reputation of the HEC brand

The HEC Paris offices abroad are crucial elements in its international strategy, helping to increase the visibility of the HEC brand in key markets: the United States, Asia, the Middle East, and continental Europe.
This presence is an unarguable asset in the strengthening of relationships with local recruiters in these areas and increasing the job and internship opportunities for the students and graduates of HEC Paris.
The Director of each office abroad has responsibility for making sure businesses get to know the nature and quality of the training provided by HEC Paris, as well as for promoting the calibre of its graduates. The Director organises multiple events and meetings in order to promote opportunities for students or graduates to interact with recruiters.

Forming first class academic partnerships

Furthermore, the managers of the representation offices are the chosen intermediaries between academic and institutional partners for each country or region, motivated by the aim of constantly enriching the teaching offered by HEC Paris. They also work on developing academic projects in direct link with HEC programs. Their vantage point within the local economy allows them to make easier the preparation of study trips, company visits and other case studies. 
HEC intends to continue to actively extend its development activities. New offices will be opened soon in China, Brazil, India and Ivory Coast.