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Bertrand Léonard

Bertrand Léonard, President of the HEC Foundation

President of the HEC Foundation

With 3000 donors, 44 partnered businesses, and €112 Million raised between 2008 and 2013, the Foundation plays a key role in promoting research and equal opportunities.

The HEC Foundation, created in 1972, strives tirelessly to strengthen the School’s reputation abroad. It promotes a strong policy of inclusive academic excellence, acting through 3 main pillars: social and cultural inclusion, research and innovation in teaching.

Throughout all of the meetings between the Foundation members and the community of donors and partners, we always see the same pride for our School. Hence we have been able to receive the support of 3 000 donors and 44 partnered businesses, which has enabled us to raise €12.3 Million in donations just in the year of 2015. Just like us, they have the passion to believe in the continuing great momentum of the School in a new environment with many highly testing challenges.

Without the Foundation’s help, I wouldn’t have even attempted the entrance exam. It was an inaccessible dream which then became a reality. Yasmine

A helping hand for talented students

The funds raised in 2015 have allowed the Foundation to contribute to 7% of HEC Paris’ development budget. For example, more than 600 students received support from the Foundation, which included 208 social scholarships, 159 international excellence scholarships, 75 MBA scholarships and 66 doctorate scholarships.

The help that I receive from the HEC Foundation made it possible for me to pursue my studies with confidence in the knowledge that I am not placing financial burden on my family. When my turn comes around I hope to one day be able to help other students reach their goals. Iliana

Year after year since 2009, the HEC Foundation has provided hundreds of students with means-tested grants, to cover all or part of their fees. The Foundation has also formed partnerships with financial institutions in order to facilitate access to bank loans for French students as well as for foreign students, and it funds the Social Mobility and Excellence scholarships.

The Foundation's Annuel Convention (2016)

Entrepreneurship and Research

Promoting entrepreneurship is also one of our objectives. In 2015, a special campaign was launched to support entrepreneurship, which has raised 185 000 euros thanks to 90 donors. This money has allowed us to finance HEC Entrepreneurs grants as well as a dedicated incubator space in Paris for HEC start-ups.

The Foundation also supports initiatives linked to entrepreneurship from HEC Paris through the e-lab, a forum for aspiring entrepreneurs on campus, and the HEC Incubator which provides 12 months of support to entrepreneurial projects originating in the HEC Paris community.

In terms of research, our rallying continues to bear fruit and HEC’s researchers are publishing more and more, and are gaining increasing recognition. HEC Paris must actively and visibly participate in progress in the understanding of Management sciences, and be one of the key institutions where this understanding is created and shared.

It was in order to democratize and share knowledge, and to make the variety and quality of research conducted by HEC researchers known, that the Foundation launched Knowledge@HEC. This web portal builds on new content formats. It posts videos, interviews and opinion columns regularly with the aim of showcasing the work that goes on at HEC.

HEC Paris has entered into a new era, with renewed ambition. Therefore the role of the Foundation is, now more than ever before, to be its chief supporter.