18 December 2006

HEC Foundation Administration Council

HEC Foundation Administration Council

12 December 2006

"Is France more attractive now than it was in 1996 ?"

Debate on the theme : "Is France more attractive to investment and job creation now than it was in 1996 ?" with Jack Anderson, Partner Ernst & YoungBest in France Case Study Prize Award Ceremony to the students of Michael Segalla, by Député Sébastien Huyghe

  • Time: Tuesday 12th December 2006, 15h00 to 17h00
  • Where: Assemblée Nationale, 101 rue de l'Université, 75007 Paris
  • Email:
12 December 2006

Private inauguration: Valérie Maugeri (painter) and Anne Deltour (sculptor)

Art exhibition with works by Valérie Maugeri (painter) and Anne Deltour (sculptor).

8 December 2006

"European Encounters" with José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission

"European Encounters" in partnership with HEC Débats. In the presence of Noëlle Lenoir, President of the Europe Institute, Former Minister, Pierre Simon, President of the CCIP, Henri Proglio, President HEC Executive Board, Bernard Ramanantsoa, HEC Dean, Bertrand Moingeon, Associate Dean, HEC Executive Education. Invité : José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, who will receive the HEC Diploma of Honour following the meeting.

8 December 2006

Special 'Grandes Ecoles de Commerce et d'Ingénieurs' Presentation

Participation of Groupe HEC in a SPECIAL PRESENTATION of the 'GRANDES ECOLES de COMMERCE et d'INGENIEURS' organised by the students and assisted by the teaching body for the benefit of the businesses of CCIP.

7 December 2006

New horizons in China

Round table with companies

5 December 2006

HEC European Institute seminar “Governance and Social Responsibility”

Executive education, HEC European Institute seminar, “Governance and Social Responsibility”.
European guest speakers will be invited by Noëlle Lenoir President of HEC European Institute, affiliate professor at HEC School of Management and Former European Minister.

  • Time: Tuesday 5th December 2006
  • Where: Chantilly, "Les Fontaines"
  • Contact: Nathalie Lugagne
  • Phone: 01 44 09 34 28
5 December 2006

HEC Executive MBA Seminar

Theme: "Who remains faithful to the business?"

5 December 2006

Lehman Brothers Member of the HEC Foundation

Signing the protocole of agreement with Lehman Brothers who are to become an HEC Foundation member, in the presence of B.Ramanantsoa, HEC Dean, J.M.Hennes, President of the HEC Foundation, E.Miller, Managing Director, Head of European Graduate Recruitment and Development.

30 November 2006

Research Meeting with Nicole Ferry-Maccario

Research Meeting with Nicole Ferry-Maccario, HEC professor, Tax and Law Department, who will be presenting his lastest work; "Droit de l'art"