10 December 2010

MBA Talent Show

Visions of Leadership awards

7 December 2010

Photography exhibition "Portraiture" by Annick Volle

  • Time: 12/07/2010 - 01/10/2011
  • Where: Espace d'Art contemporain HEC Paris
  • Contact: Anne-Valérie Delval
  • Phone: +33 139 67 94 55
25 November 2010


  • Where: Campus HEC
  • Contact: E.Jullien, L.Bricard
22 November 2010

Japanese week

  • Where: Campus HEC
  • Contact: E.Jullien, L.Bricard
10 November 2010

1st HEC Paris Workshop on regulation

The recent Iceland volcanic ash crisis epitomizes the general problem of emergency response in a world of uncertain manufactured and natural risks. Indeed, this crisis is not the first or the only for such a problem to have occurred. It is one of a series of recent real or potential catastrophes – natural disasters, terrorism, pandemics – that have taken by surprise globalised firms and partly regulators. As such it provides the ground for a rich case study in the problem of emergency regulation and the questions that it raises should concern a wide variety of scholars, regulators and industry analysts whose normal areas of concern are far removed from aviation and volcanoes.

The 1st HEC Workshop on Regulation aims at conceptualising the response to the volcanic ash problem and uses that problem as a case in point to explore the general problem of emergency response in an environment where the lines between manufactured and natural risks are increasingly blurred.

This workshop will provide scholars (Phd students, post-docs, researchers and established professors), industry representatives (IATA, CANSO, AEA, ELFAA), policy-makers (EUROCONTROL, EU Commission, National authorities) and scientists (WMO, VAACs) with the chance to address some of these hard questions raised by an increasing number of threats and catastrophes.

  • Contact: A.Alemanno, C.Tantillo
20 October 2010

15th International Finance Forum for recruitment

8 October 2010

2nd Finance & Statistics Conference

Organizers: Laurent Calvet and Veronika Czellar

21 September 2010

MBA Career Fair

  • Where: HEC Paris Campus - Hall d'honneur
  • Contact: Corinne Bonifay
12 September 2010

Official first day for the new MSc in Management class

10 September 2010

2nd workshop on Entrepreneurial Entry