11 December 2014

Christmas market

A Christmas market organized by the Mission Quechua society. Come and buy 'made in Peru' products: scarfs, bonnets, gloves and more.

Profits will go to Peruvian NGOs.

  • Time: 11am-1pm, 4-6pm
  • Where: North Gallery
11 December 2014

Creativity talk with Daphne Koller, co-founder of Coursera

As part of HEC's partnership with Coursera, HEC will host its co-founder, Ms Daphné Koller.

Booking mandatory:

  • Time: 5.30-6.30pm
  • Where: HEC Paris campus, Jouy-en-Josas
10 December 2014

Leading figures: François Funck-Brentano

A cycle of conferences organized by the MS in Law and International Management. The first guest is François Funck-Brentano, Associate Manager / General Counsel for Europe at Lazard. After graduating from business school, François worked for a leading law firm before joining Lazard.

  • Time: 8.30pm
  • Where: T305
9 December 2014

“The Arab World: 21st Century Hub Culture?”

The Contemporary Art Space, the HEC Alumni Culture Center and the Arab World Institute invite you to a series of meetings around the central theme “The Arab World: 21st Century Hub Culture?”. The first of these meetings will take place in the presence of Jack LANG, president of the AWI. in the presence of many guests on the theme: Looking towards a singular contemporary art. The meeting will be led by Christophe RIOUX, writer, economist and journalist.
Booking mandatory!

8 December 2014

Mauricio Rubio at the language department

The language department is hosting Mauricio Rubio, a Colombian criminologist, for a conference on the theme of violence in Latin America: 'Pandillas, rumbas y mujeres'.

  • Time: 6pm
  • Where: T303
8 December 2014

HEC Debates welcomes Jacques Séguela

HEC Debates welcomes Jacques Séguela

  • Time: 8-10pm
  • Where: T206
24 November 2014

Investing in European electricity markets today: challenges and opportunities

The HEC Energy & Finance Chair, sponsored by Deloitte and Société Générale, is pleased to invite you to a conference organized in cooperation with the European Electricity Markets Chair of the University Paris-Dauphine.

  • Over the past few years, the return on investments in the electricity sector has come under pressure, with the wholesale electricity price decrease, competition from renewables capacity development subsidized on a large scale and weak carbon prices.

    Two cross-cutting questions will introduce the proceedings:
    1. Are current pressures on returns forcing a change in the capital structure of electricity producers?2. Are current low levels of investment a result of exogenous, structural forces or of the institutional particularities of the current European market design? Which regulatory changes may improve the investment climate?

  • Time: 2-7pm
  • Where: University Paris-Dauphine: Raymond Aron room (2nd floor)
20 November 2014

Alumni Breakfast with Prof. Randall White

Alumni Breakfast with Prof. Randall White on the topic of 'The uncertain leader'.

  • This breakfast session will be held for around 20 alumni.

  • Time: 8-10am
19 November 2014

HR Knowledge Lab with Prof. Randall White

HR Knowledge Lab with Prof. Randall White on the topic of 'Developing effective leaders amidst uncertainty'.

  • We are expecting around 25 HR-managers from multiple sectors of industry in Qatar.

  • Time: 2-5pm
19 November 2014

EMBA Evening Session with Prof. Randall White

EMBA evening session with Prof. Randall White on the topic of 'Take leadership: what to expect from the EMBA'.

  • This event is targeted towards applicants for the EMBA or people who are interested in learning more about this program. We are expecting around 40 guests.

  • Time: 6-9pm