3 February 2011

Netexplorateur Forum 2011

As the culmination of a year’s observation and analysis of the changes in digital society on a global scale, for two days the Netexplorateur Forum reviews the most promising initiatives detected by the Netexplorateur Observatory in the past year.

The Forum enables more than 1,000 business, political and media executives to:
- Discover the most promising digital initiatives worldwide that will impact the way we communicate, learn, work, consume and live,
- Gain insight into major underlying trends from sociologists and other experts,
Hear and meet the ten international Netexplorateur award winners
- Dialogue with their peers on the major orientations of tomorrow’s digital society and the impact of its innovations on private and public governance.

The event is not a technology show, a start-up funding fair or a series of workshops focusing on a specific business.
In line with its founders’ aim of being more than a mere catalogue of cutting-edge innovations, the Netexplorateur Forum focuses on their adoption by citizens, businesses and institutions.

9 November 2016

Social Business Academia Conference (SBAC) 2016

In the presence of Professor Muhammad Yunus - economist, entrepreneur, and winner of the Nobel Peace Price, there will be a conference held on 9-10 November, open to all.

  • SBAC

    The concept of Social Business has been initiated and promoted by Nobel Peace Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus. Social Business Academia Conference is held each year around this concept to review the theoretical and practical implications and potential of the concept. You are invited to attend the 4th edition of this conference scheduled to be held at HEC, Paris, France on 9-10th November, 2016. The purpose of the conference is to create a networking opportunity for academics, researchers, practitioners, and development activists to discuss recent insights on Social Business.

    To find out more, please visit:

  • Where: HEC Campus, Amphi Blondeau, 1 Rue de la libération, Jouy-en-Josas, 78350
  • Contact: Elisabeth de Réals
  • Email:
20 October 2016

Fintech Forum 2016

Are you looking for outstanding talent to expand your business? Would you like to network with European fintech startups and major players in the Paris ecosystem? HEC Paris gives you an invaluable opportunity to connect with tech-minded business students, your peers and large fintech players, all in one place.

  • Where: HEC Campus, 1 Rue de la libération, Jouy-en-Josas
3 October 2016

Germany Day

Details coming soon!

29 September 2016

HEC Paris Finance For Good

How can finance help address the main challenges of our global society?

  • Finance-for-Good_large

    Following the success of last year’s Climate for Change conference, HEC Paris’ Society & Organizations (SnO) Centre and HEC Alumni are pleased to announce the subject for their 2nd Annual Conference:

    How can Finance help address the main challenges of our global society?

    Join your peers to discuss subjects of common interest:

    • How to make sustainable business attractive for the financial sector?
    • Should the financial sector have a leading role in the shift to the energy transition ?
    • How to better align financial incentives with societal objectives and inclusive growth?
    • Does the regulation of financial markets lead to economic sustainability?
    • What financial innovations can contribute for a more sustainable society?

    More information on the agenda and the speakers soon.

    To find out more, click here.

  • Where: HEC Campus, 1 Rue de la libération, Jouy-en-Josas, 78350
  • Contact: Elisabeth de Réals
  • Email:
23 June 2016

Erik Izraelewicz Awards

  • We would be delighted for you to attend the Erik Izraelewicz prize-giving ceremony.

    The prize will be awarded in the following two categories:

    Professional category (written, online, television and radio press) : the journalist laureate will receive an SCOR grant (Denis Kessler).

    Student category: the student laureate will receive a BRED grant.

    This year, out of the eight applications submitted, two of them are HEC Paris students (Eléonore Bout de Marnhac and Romain Keppenne).

    To find out more about the jury’s constitution and about the prize itself, please click here.

    Please conform your presence at the event by here.

  • Time: 18h30
  • Where: Auditorium du Monde 80, Boulevard Auguste-Blanqui, 75013, Paris
17 June 2016

Forum HEC Challenge+

HEC Challenge+ is a program designed to assist innovative business creation, by helping entrepreneurs to lay out their plan for development.

The event will take place in French.

To find out more, please contact:

  • FORUM C+ promo 2015-2
  • Time: 14:00 - 18:30
  • Where: HEC Campus, Amphi S227, 1 Rue de la Libération, Jouy-en-Josas, 78350
  • Contact: Corinne Delombre
  • Email: