28 November 2013

Google Creativity Talk in ICI Montreuil

Google Talk Event "hors les murs" in ICI Montreuil, a great Maker Space in Montreuil, with its founder Nicolas Bard

  • ICI Montreuil is a unique 1700 square meter space dedicated to production, both artistical and technological. Entrepreneurs, designers, photographers are working there together in the very special place. Nicolas BARD, the cofounder, will welcome us and share how it was created and help us dive into the Maker Movement. You'll then be offered the possibility to take a tour through it.
    Sign up here.

    As we'll have two groups waiting the space after, the places are limited to maximum 40 students, whether you come by bus on by your own.
    The talk will be in English. The bus will be leaving at about 5:00PM from Jouy.

    Extra resources: - A crowdfunding campain that explains you what the space is about.
    - A very cool video about the space.

  • Time: 6.30 pm to 8pm
  • Where: ICI Montreuil: 135 boulevard Chanzy 93100 Montreuil
  • Contact: Margaux Pelen
  • Email:
19 September 2006

Awarding the Legal and Fiscal Prize with Allen & Overy

Awarding the Legal and Fiscal Prize with Allen & Overy LLP-HEC (3rd edition) in the presence of associates from the Allen & Overy Cabinet and B.Ramanantsoa, Dean of Groupe HEC. The prize recognises the best three research dissertations by students of Major International Legal and Fiscal Strategy and the Masters in International Law and Management (in partnership with ESCP-EAP). For memory, the jury composed of lawyers from the Allen & Overy Cabinet, members of the faculty of Groupe HEC will meet on the 26th June at the campus of Groupe HEC.

  • Time: Tuesday 19th September, 2006, 18 h 30
  • Where: ALLEN & OVERY, 2 rue Caumartin, 75009 PARIS
  • Contact: Nelly Renault
  • Phone: 01 39 67 70 57
19 September 2006

Welcoming all students of Specialised Masters

Welcoming all students of Specialised Masters

  • Time: Tuesday 19th September 2006 at 9h
  • Where: Groupe HEC, Amphi Blondeau, Campus Jouy-en-Josas
  • Contact: Sylvie Leroy
  • Phone: 01 39 67 95 40
18 September 2006

Inaugural HEC conference

Theme: "Towards the universal abolition of the death penalty" Involvement of Mr. Robert BADINTER, Senator at Hauts-de-Seine, former Minister of Justice, former President of the Constitutional Council.

  • Time: Monday 18th September, 14h00
  • Where: Groupe HEC. Amphi Blondeau. Campus Jouy-en-Josas
  • Email:
17 September 2006

Ceremonial start for the 1st year MSc students

  • Time: Sunday 17th September 2006
  • Where: Groupe HECJouy-en-Josas
  • Contact: Evelyne Debieu
  • Phone: 01 39 67 73 59
  • Email:
14 September 2006

Promoting the HEC PhD

Information Meeting

  • Time: Thursday 14th September 2006, 9h00
  • Where: Groupe HEC. Club. Campus Jouy-en-Josasinformation
  • Email:
8 September 2006

TRIUM Executive MBA Graduation

TRIUM Executive MBA Graduation (promo 2006)

  • Time: 8th and 9th September 2006
  • Where: London
  • Contact: Susan Lansing
  • Phone: 01 39 67 73 60