20 June 2016

D-TEA Workshop 2016 - "Beyond Revealed Preferences"

  • D-TEA is an annual workshop dealing with decision sciences. Every year a different aspect of decision sciences is highlighted, and the discussions focus on the interaction between theory, experimental findings, and applications, concerning both actual decision making and the construction of models in economics and in other social sciences. The workshop is typically rather small in scope, enabling informal interactions among the participants.
  • When: 20/06/2016 - 22/06/2016
  • Where: Paris Dauphine University
  • Speakers: Laurent Calvet, Edi Karni, Itzak Gilboa
  • Contact us:

This year, D-TEA's main topic is "Beyond Revealed Preferences", focusing on types of data that exist in real choices beyond the customary assumptions of microeconomics textbooks.

The conference will be held at "Dauphine University", Paris, France.

This website provides some essential information for the D-TEA Workshop 2016. Navigate through the website to find out the D-TEA 2016 program, the participants list, and some practical details.  

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