19 May 2017

HEC Paris Inequality Research Conference

  • When: 19/05/2017 - 20/05/2017
  • Where: Campus HEC
  • Speakers: Frank Dobbin (Harvard University), Alexandra Kalev (Tel Aviv University)

Society and Organizations (SnO) is an inter-disciplinary center at HEC Paris whose members research on and teach about the contemporary challenges that organizations face and how these organizations (e.g.  firms, NGOs, rating agencies, regulators) mold society. 

logo SnO 2016

The SnO center will organize an academic conference on Inequality at the HEC Paris campus in May 19-20, 2017

Among the speakers and the presentations, there will be: 

Frank Dobbin (Harvard University) - “Why Diversity Management Fails”

Session 1 : Boards and Executive Careers
Marta Elvira (IESE) and Cristina Quintana-Garcia (U of Malaga) – “Compensation and speed of advancement in executive careers through the internal and external labor markets: A gender perspective”
Anja Kirsch (Freie Universitat) - “Spillover effects of board gender composition: Individual and institutional influences”
Rocio Bonet (IE) – “The advancement of women in executive careers”

Session 2: Homophily, ties and networks 

Olenka Kacperczyk (MIT/LBS) – “Like attracts like? Revisiting demographic homophily in entrepreneurship”
Mark Lutter (Max Planck Institute) – “Creative success and network embeddedness: Explaining critical recognition of film directions in Hollywood, 1900-2010”
Frederic Godart (INSEAD) – “Transitory ties: The impact of fleeting relations on workers’ opportunities in the creative economy”

Session 3: Market Mechanisms 

Ming Leung (Berkeley) – “Taking a pass: How proportional prejudice and the decision not to hire reproduce sex segregation in an online labor market”
Michael Dahl (Aarhus University) – “Social comparison, health outcomes and wage inequality”
Jennifer Merluzzi (Tulane) – “Why married women can’t jump: Specialization and external mobility penalties for women in early professional careers”

Session 4: Organizational mechanisms 

Alexandra Kalev (Tel Aviv U) – “Does transparency mean visibility? Networks, gender and promotions in a virtual organization”
Adina Sterling (Stanford) – “Opened up? The short and longer-term effects of tryouts on gender and racial diversity in organizations”
Matissa Holister (McGill) – “Not her job: The effects of gender on job death”

Session 5: Organizational mechanisms 

Forrest Briscoe (Penn State) – “Managers’ political ideology and workplace inequality”