16 November 2012

Workshop - Sustainability & Impact Challenges at the Base of the Pyramid-II

  • November 16th, 2012, HEC Paris, Ecole Polytechnique and ESSEC Business School
  • When: 16/11/2012

In 1998, C. K. Prahalad released "The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid". Ever since, academics and business have developed this approach. Protocols were created, academic proposals were criticized, and numerous projects were launched, few reaching full success. However, for many reasons, BoP ventures seem to be relevant fields for Companies experiments and learning for poverty alleviation and towards a sustainable economy.

15 years later, this workshop will concentrate on two issues:

  • What are the entrepreneurial challenges multinationals must take into account to develop BoP strategies?
  • How Multinationals involved in BoP strategies are experimenting broader societal changes?

A keynote presentation will be given by Erik Simanis (Cornell University), one of the authors of the BOP ProtocolTM. It will be followed by presentations of worldwide academics and contributions of each of the inviting institutions for which practitioners from multinationals will provide their insights.