HEC in the Press

Dean’s Q&A: Peter Todd, HEC Paris

Poets and Quants, 17 May 2016

Peter Todd, Dean of HEC Paris, speaks to Poets and Quants about his plan to turn the school into a global household name.

Rising price of textbooks reaches a tipping point

Financial Times, 15 May 2016

HEC Paris was one of the first higher education institutions to embrace the digital transformation, harnessing Apple's iTunes U network since 2009. Karine Le Joly, HEC Director of Innovation, explains that digital has the power to "change the behaviour of learners".

HEC Paris Stages Its Annual Olympic Games for MBA Students

Top MBA, 13 May 2016

On May 6th and 7th, the annual MBA Tournament took place on the HEC Paris. Dubbed the "MBA Olympics", the event was the 26th edition to date.

The evolution of business schools: HEC Pasis

Changeboard, 10 May 2016

In a 1-to-1 interview, Nathalie Lugagne, HEC Paris associate dean and affiliate professor of management and human resources, explains that expectations for executive education have changed a lot over the last 20 years.

Rising MBA tuition fees fail to damage demand

Financial Times, 1 May 2016

Andrea Masini, Dean of the HEC Paris MBA, underlines that applications to the course from the United States have increased due to qualities such as its diverse student population.

Pfizer Who? Health-Care Deals Bounce Back From Inversion Scare

Bloomberg, 28 April 2016

With $40 billion in new health-care deals announced on Thursday 28th April, Tomasz Michalski, professor of economics at HEC Paris, underlines that: "Large mergers & acquisitions is likely to continue in the coming months, not only in health care but also in other sectors".

Why you should ignore feedback (sometimes)

BBC Capital, 26 April 2016

When does customer feedback become too much for businesses? “You can definitely be trained on how to sift through all this information and how to make decisions with or without it”, says Shirish Srivastava, associate professor of operations management and information technology at HEC Paris.

Severity of punishment doesn't affect crime rates, new research says

Bloomberg, 25 April 2016

New research by HEC Paris professor of management and human resources, Michel Lander, suggests that the potential punishment for a crime does not effect the chance of it being carried out.

Long-term prison sentences and capital punishment do not reduce crime rates, says study

The Mirror, 25 April 2016

Groundbreaking research by HEC Paris professor of managament and human resources, Michel Lander, suggests that crime rates and the severity of their punishments are not necessarily linked.

Great MBAs are cheap in Europe right now

Quartz, 19 April 2016

Not only has the European MBA been rising in prestige for number of years, it is also getting cheaper. “People are seeing higher potential returns to European programs than before”, underlines Peter Todd, Dean of HEC Paris.