HEC in the Press

Repairing A Broken Tech Industry

Forbes, 7 September 2018

The tech industry is fundamentally broken – and ripe for disruption. Entrepreneurs – and social entrepreneurs looking for impact in particular – should not overlook rising opportunities in the sector, writes HEC Paris economics and international affairs professor Jeremy Ghez, in an op-ed for Forbes. 

Emmanuel Macron takes on Viktor Orban and Matteo Salvini

The Economist, 6 September 2018

HEC Paris Professor of European Union Law Alberto Alemanno comments on French president's Macron's will to create a new liberal group in the European Parliament. 

The Five Pitfalls of Problem Solving - And How To Avoid Them

Forbes.com, 30 August 2018

Through their research, teaching and consulting, HEC Paris strategy professors Bernard Garrette & Olivier Sibony and McGill University strategy professor Corey Phelps have identified five pitfalls that frequently trip up business leaders when they tackle complex problems. 

More Americans Heading To Europe For Their MBAs

Poets & Quants , 27 August 2018

HEC Paris saw a 21% increase in U.S. demand for MBAs in 2017, and the trend has continued with a 16% increase in applications in the first six months of 2018.

Training Future Leaders Should Be More Like Q, Less Like James Bond

BizEd Magazine , 23 August 2018

With a shift in cultural mindset, educators can help tomorrow's leaders onto the path of reinvention that innovators usually take, says HEC Paris Professor Jeremy Ghez, in an op-ed for BizEd magazine. 

Overseas students seek study, internship experiences in China

chinadaily.com.cn, 21 August 2018

HEC Paris signed a strategic partnership with China's Southern University of Science and Technology in late June. Under the agreement, students from HEC Paris can take study tours in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, and vice versa.

How to bridge the gap between Europe’s streets and Brussels’ corridors

Euronews, 6 August 2018

HEC Paris' Professor Alberto Alemanno answers Euronews' questions on the health of the European Union and potential consequences of next year's European elections. 

French investment climate flourishes under Macron presidency

European CEO , 2 August 2018

“Macron’s policies have touched upon several issues that were previously viewed as ‘unreformable’, such as the organisation of labour-management relations and reforming specific sectors, such as the railways,” comments HEC Paris Professor Tomasz Michalski in an interview for European CEO. 

Eliteschulen als Wohltäter – Wer Gutes tut, wird ein besserer Manager

Handeslblatt, 26 July 2018

German publication Handelsblatt describes the success story of Hafida Guebli, founder of Neyb's app. Hafida completed HEC Paris' Stand Up Programme, a programme which aims at helping French women from socially disadvantaged backgrounds to become entrepreneurs. Hafida explains how Stand Up helped her to become a confident and successful entrepreneur. 

The Most Agile Companies Organize Themselves Like a Bamboo

forbes.com, 24 July 2018

While crystal organizations have a regular pattern that makes them beautiful, they cannot withstand disruption and will easily break into a thousand pieces. At the other end of the spectrum, some organizations reflect the properties of bamboos: their growth is unpredictable and cannot be planned, explains Veronique Nguyen, Professor of Strategy at HEC Paris.