HEC in the Press

550 Entrepreneurs Graduate '10000' Program in Beijing

Womenofchina.Cn, 30 December 2013

After four months of business and management training, 94 students have graduated from the 10th class of the ‘10000 Women Entrepreneurship Track Program for Chinese Women’ in Beijing on 29th December 2013. The program was created by the School of Economics and Management of Tsingha University and HEC Paris. The program, which aims to help Chinese Women Entrepreneurs to develop their knowledge, skills and networks in order create sustainable and innovative business in China, is part of Goldman Sachs ’10,000 Women’ initiative.

Project is not just another fish story

Theday.com, 28 December 2013

Kelsey Julius, 23, who is currently studying for a master’s degree in sustainable development at HEC Paris, has launched an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign to help fund her start-up company, "Fish Your Food". She describes her project as the "first sustainable aquaponics farm using an up-cycled shipping container with a greenhouse on top." She continues by explaining the concept of ‘aquaponics’ on her website: "a farming method that mimics a natural closed-loop ecosystem, harnessing the power of fish waste.” Despite having existed for a few years, the concept of aquaponics has only recently become a commercially viable option. After launching the pilot project at the HEC Paris business school, Julius hopes to seek investors for an even larger commercial-scale farm in Nantes, France, and then expand to other urban areas in order "to bring food production closer to consumers”.

HEC Paris organizes leadership and entrepreneurship workshop for women in Qatar

ameinfo.com, 15 December 2013

HEC Paris’ Professor Valérie Gauthier implemented a workshop for ladies in Qatar entitled ‘Facing Your Leadership Challenges’ which focused on the themes of leadership and entrepreneurship.  According to Professor Laoucine Kerbache, Chief Executive officer and Academic Dean of HEC Paris in Qatar, “the objective of the workshop is to further develop the leadership and entrepreneurial capabilities of women in Qatar. This is in line with our fundamental role of developing managerial skills and unlocking talent which contributes to greater economic diversification and sustainability, and an improved global competitiveness for Qatar.”

Neuromarketing in Action: Book Review

Business2comunity.Com , 13 December 2013

This book, co-written by HEC Professors Patrick M. Georges, Anne-Sophie Bayle Tourtoulou and Michel Badoc, deals with understanding how people respond to different stimuli and how they use this stimuli to effect a sale. 

Financial incentives and bonus schemes can spell disaster for business

Theguardianonline.Com , 11 December 2013

HEC Strategy professor Tomasz Obloj has written an article on the dark side to bonuses which can undermine long-term business objectives. The unintended costs of financial incentives are often too much of a temptation for firms, who hope that the productivity increases will outweigh them.

European Business School Ranking: Analysis

FT.com, 1 December 2013

The Financial Times has released its European Business School Ranking for 2013. HEC Paris and IE Business School of Spain share the top spot for the first time, as the joint best business schools in Europe. This year HEC reclaims 1st place, having lost it last year, after an impressive performance across all the FT rankings. IE remains in pole position for the second year running. Unlike other FT rankings, this particular one judges business schools rather than their programs. The tables have been generated by the indexed scores achieved by schools taking part in the 2013 FT MBA, executive MBA, masters in management and open and custom executive education rankings.

Good signs for Europe’s business schools

FT.com, 1 December 2013

Europe’s top business schools are hoping that, after many years of constant uncertainty and frequent gloom, there will be a new lease of life for business education in Europe. An indicator of this turn-around has certainly been the ability of European Business Schools to attract professors from the USA to come and work in Europe. Bernard Ramanantsoa, dean of HEC Paris, believes that the MBA is still the flagship program for most European Business Schools: “If you talk with colleagues in the US, you just don’t exist if you don’t have an MBA.” Like Oxford and LBS, HEC Paris also notes a change in the careers of its MBA graduates, with more and more becoming involved in small entrepreneurial or start-up companies.

France: Sinking Slowly?

BBC Radio 4, 17 November 2013

Former BBC Paris Correspondent Emma Jane Kirby discusses the notion of Colbertism with those who are now questioning their country's traditional resistance to economic reform. Speakers include Jacques Attali, Christine Okrent, Jean-Marc Daniel, Gaspard Koening, Jacques-Antoine Granjon and HEC Paris' very own Professor David Thesmar.

S&P downgrades France's credit rating but market reactions were contained

MercoPress, 9 November 2013

France’s President Hollande has received a knock back as Standard and Poor’s, the rating agency, has cut its appraisal of the country’s credit worthiness. The rating has been reduced from AA+ to AA. Despite this, S&P maintain that France has a “stable” outlook with no further changes expected any time soon. David Thesmar, Finance Professor at HEC Paris, believes that for the moment, France has nothing to worry about: “If France enters the higher risk categories, refinancing would be a problem within months, but we’re a long way from that.”

MBA Entrepreneur Puts Production Startup On Hold For HEC Paris

Business Because , 7 November 2013

Lavaniya Das began a successful start-up at only 21 years of age. Despite this being a dream come true, she decided to put her business on hold for the time being to pursue an MBA at HEC Paris. She recognised the advantages further study could bring to her and her company: “You have to have that business sense and I felt I hadn’t learnt much about business in film school… I realised that I needed to take my company to the next level at some point. I wanted to continue studying in Europe and what’s nice about HEC is that it was very welcoming..” What is more, her term as co-president of the HEC MBA Marketing and Media Club has given her a wealth of contacts to help her achieve her business goals.