HEC in the Press

HEC Paris tops French int’l MBA ranking

thepienews.com, 22 March 2018

HEC Paris comes first place in French international MBA ranking in Le Point magazine.

6 rules for creating the CV that will get you a first job in an investment bank

efinancialcareers.com, 21 March 2018

Ferdinand Petra, Affiliate Professor of Finance at HEC Paris, gives 6 tips for a CV that will get you an internship or a first full-time job in finance.

The Payment Industry is About to Be Struck by Lightnin… | News

coinworld.us, 21 March 2018

Vincent Launay, former student in Finance at HEC Paris, discusses how the launch of the Lightning Network could cause significant changes to the payment industry.

French Police Hold Ex-President Sarkozy

bbc.co.uk, 20 March 2018

Tomasz Michalski, Professor of International Economics at HEC Paris, discusses what is known about the investigation on former French President Sarkozy.

Europe’s digital single market hits the Bulgarian rocks

politico.eu, 15 March 2018

Alberto Alemanno, Tax and Law Professor at HEC Paris, discusses the problems with Mariya Gabriel’s leadership of Europe’s digital strategy.

To revitalize poor suburbs, Paris taps underused resource: women entrepreneurs

csmonitor.com, 15 March 2018

Hafida Guebli, founder of the application “Neybs’s”, discusses her journey from the Parisian suburbs to the world of entrepreneurship and the primordial role HEC StandUp played in helping her achieve her goal.

Sexual harassment: the hidden costs for employers

ft.com, 14 March 2018

Matteo Winkler, Professor of International Law at HEC Paris, comments on and offers solutions to help change the culture around harassment in the workplace.

Estée Lauder chief Fabrizio Freda on winning over millennials

ft.com, 11 March 2018

HEC Paris professor Veronique Nguyen comments on Estée Lauder’s new strategies to attract millennials.

Europe wants to tackle fake news — if it could only define it first

thenextweb.com, 11 March 2018

Alberto Allemanno, Professor of EU Law at HEC Paris offers solutions to tackle fake news.

Pursuing sexual harassers is the next ordeal, despite #MeToo

wikitribune.com, 9 March 2018

HEC Paris law professor Matteo Winkler discusses different reasons why victims of sexual harassment in the workplace often do not report a claim.