HEC in the Press

Conservative Eurosceptic alliance reaches out to far-right

ft.com, 13 November 2018

Alberto Alemanno, professor of EU law and policy at HEC Paris, comments on the Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe's (Acre) real goals. 

Vida de campus: el inadvertido factor que es clave en la elección de una escuela de negocios

americaeconomia.com, 13 November 2018

Many of the European business schools congregate a large number of Latin Americans, who value not only learning, but being part of a community. Benoit Banchereau, Director of Admissions of the MBA Program at HEC Paris, explains how the school helps to enhance the relationship with its international students and alumni, through the celebration of more than 450 events around the world each year and through numerous "culutral week" events on campus. 

Why house prices in global cities are falling

economist.com, 9 November 2018

Foreign demand of housing has spillovers. If an oligarch buys a house, it drives up the prices of smaller properties nearby. A paper by Dragana Cvijanovic of the University of North Carolina and Christophe Spaenjers of HEC Paris finds similar effects in Paris’s property market. Foreign buyers, mostly from China, have been a force behind booms in the big cities of Australia and Canada.

The crucial role universities can play in integrating refugees

timeshighereducation.com, 8 November 2018

Wintegreat is a student organisation that aims to integrate refugees and empower them to achieve their full potential. HEC Paris has partnered with this organisation to deliver a programme which, as well as intensive language courses, pairs participants with students and alumni. HEC Paris student Harry Daniel Gurth writes about his experience as a volunteer for the Wintegreat programme on the school's campus. 

We need to unlock big data for the many, not just the few

weforum.orf, 2 November 2018

How can big data save millions of lives threatened by a pandemic, a natural disaster or simply a poor diet? The answer is both straightforward and thought-provoking. It requires providing public access routes to the phenomenal amount of data we are amassing, processing and recycling, writes HEC Paris Jean Monnet Professor of European Law and Regulation Alberto Alemanno. 

Rats or Do-Gooders

bized.aacsb.edu, 1 November 2018

“Evidence suggests that society questions the legitimacy of whistleblowers, despite legal protections now in place in some countries,” says Hervé Stolowy, professor of accounting and management control at HEC Paris. Stolowy researched the topic with Yves Gendron, a professor of accounting from Université Laval in Québec, Canada; Jodie Moll, a senior lecturer at Alliance Manchester Business School in the U.K.; and Luc Paugam, an associate professor of accounting and management control at HEC Paris.

MBA Acceptance Rates At Top European Business Schools

Poetsandquants.com, 31 October 2018

With a 17.5% acceptance rate, HEC Paris can rightly claim to admit fewer candidates from its applicants pool than Wharton, Chicago Booth, Northwestern Kellogg or Dartmouth Tuck. In the past year, some 2,231 candidates, a 5% increase over year-earlier volume, applied to HEC's MBA program. 

The Rise Of Specialized Master’s Programs In Europe

poetsandquants.com, 29 October 2018

Eloic Peyrache, Associate Dean of HEC Paris’s MSc in Management program, explains the reasons of the 20% increase in students applying to the school's specialized master’s courses in the past few years. 

Sexual Harassment At Work: What The Law Says

Forbes.com, 22 October 2018

Sexual harassment should be addressed by answering three fundamental questions: when and how to respond to the complaint; how to evaluate its content; and how to ensure that the company’s reaction is effective, writes HEC Paris Professor Matteo Winkler, in an op-ed for Forbes. 

Is Heated US Immigration Rhetoric Discouraging Overseas Students from MBA Programs?

TopMBA.com, 22 October 2018

As an American, Sarah Breeden had always dreamed of getting that all-American qualification: an MBA. She considered applying to several top US schools. But in the end, she chose HEC Paris in Europe, in part for its diversity — the MBA cohort is of 50 different nationalities.