HEC in the Press


globalbankingandfinance.com, 26 September 2017

New statistics on student placements gathered by HEC Paris business school have revealed that London remains a location of choice, and continues to provide desirable career opportunities for those enrolled on the school’s MSc Finance (MIF) and Masters in Management (MIM) with Finance specialization programmes, despite the uncertainties caused by the Brexit vote. 41% of students found placements in London in 2017, on par with 42% in 2016.

How To Keep Employees Loyal To Your Company

forbes.com, 19 September 2017

Bertrand Moingeon, Professor at HEC Paris Executive Education and Professor Amy C. Edmondson from Harvard Business School offer solutions to fight excessive staff turnover.  

High-tech boxer shorts protect men's sperm from smartphone and wifi radiation damage

independent.co.uk, 18 September 2017

HEC alumni, Arthur Menard and Pierre-Louis Boyer have launched a high-tech pair of underpants designed to protect testicles from radiation, as recent research has found that, for a variety of reasons, the sperm count of western men has halved over the last forty years.  The company was started at the HEC incubator at Paris' Station F startup campus and has now raised over €500,000 with the boxers  on sale in 30 countries.

How Silicon Valley Created Trump

poetsandquants.com, 14 September 2017

HEC Paris economics professor, Jeremy Ghez, discusses the link between the technical disruption in Silicon Valley and the political disruption that sparked both Brexit and Donald Trump's victory. He says that the rapid digital developement of Silicon Valley created a culture of disruption beyond the business world, leading to political and economic uncertainty.

Truly Global Business Education: 5 Leading Schools on 4 Continents Launch 6 New Global Dual Degrees

www.clearadmit.com, 12 September 2017

HEC Paris has collaborated with Yale School of Management, Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business School as part of the M2M program. This program will give students the opportunity to gain both a foundational business education as well as a global perspective by studying and living in two distinct locations. After completion of both academic years, the students will graduate with two master’s degrees—one from each school—and will be considered alumni of both schools, receiving access to all available school and career resources.

Yale SOM Expands Global Reach With MIM

poetsandquants.com, 11 September 2017

HEC Paris has collaborated with Yale School of Management and FGV Escola de Administração de Empresas as part of the M2M program to launch a selection of double degrees. These give graduates the chance to complete two master’s degrees by attending two top business schools in different continents. David Bach, deputy dean and professor at Yale SOM, has described HEC Paris as playing "a really important role" in this partnership.

FT Masters in Management Rankings 2017

ft.com, 10 September 2017

HEC Paris has held its position in second place of the FT Masters in Management rankings for the fourth consecutive year. The FT data shows that HEC graduates now earn an average annual salary of $99, 145 dollars three years after graduating.

Yolkshire - An Eggciting New Restaurant Chain

topmba.com, 7 September 2017

HEC Paris MBA Student, Varad Despande, was inspired to start his egg-focused restaurant chain 'Yolksire' by an egg cart outside his university in Pune, India. He feels his MBA course at HEC Paris has provided him with the knowledge and expertise he needs to run his growing company, which currently has three restaurants.

To Build Europe We Need Citizen Lobbyists

socialeurope.eu, 5 September 2017

Alberto Alemanno, HEC Professor of European Law and Regulation writes about the necessity for effective and proactive citizen lobbyists in order to tackle issues of cynicism and disillusionment with the European Union. This is particularly pertinent in the current climate of ‘fake news’ in the media regarding the EU, as European citizens are primarily exposed to biased, domestic accounts of EU affairs. 

Countering Fake News

Forbes.com, 4 September 2017

Granted, fabricated information has always existed. What is new is this contemporary version’s tendency to spread globally at an extraordinary pace. So how do we put the genie back in its bottle? HEC Paris Professor Alberto Alemanno offers three approaches.