HEC in the Press

巴黎高等商学院Peter Todd : 提供更好的创业学习服务 重视“人”的因素

jiemian.com, 29 April 2018

Peter Todd, Dean of HEC, discusses how to provide better entrepreneurial learning services in an interview with Jiemian.

Improving workforce diversity starts with understanding it says HEC Paris Professor

mbacrystalball.com, 27 April 2018

Matteo Winkler, Professor of Tax and Law at HEC Paris, discusses the importance, benefits and challenges of workplace diversity.

Game of thrones: Paris business school incubates toilet innovation

www.timeshighereducation.com, 26 April 2018

Hugo Volpei, a HEC Alumnus, designs an innovative range of toilets.

How US Manufacturers Can Outmuscle Chinese Imports Through Innovation And R&D

forbes.com, 25 April 2018

Johan Hombert, Professor of Finance at HEC Paris, discusses how US manufacturers have overcome problems posed by Chinese imports through innovation and R&D.

Debate: The rise of the global rejectionist party

theconversation.com, 25 April 2018

Jeremy Ghez, Professor of Economics and International Affairs at HEC Paris, discusses the factors leading to rejectionist political outcomes on a global scale.

Europe wants to crack down on fake news, but one person’s fake news is another’s democratic dissent

washingtonpost.com, 25 April 2018

Alberto Alemanno, Professor of Law at HEC Paris, discusses how the lack of methodology in the EU Fake News campaign is causing problems.

How Important Are MBAs In The Tech World?

forbes.com, 23 April 2018

Andrea Masini, Associate Dean of the MBA program at HEC Paris, discusses the importance of the technology component of an MBA curriculum.

为前海营商环境提供优质教育资源 巴黎高等商学院拟入驻前海

sina.com, 20 April 2018

HEC Paris expands and develops a centre in Qianhai, China, in order, among others, to promote HEC research.

Session with Andrea Masini

quora.com, 18 April 2018

Andrea Masini, Associate Dean of the MBA at HEC Paris, answers users’ questions on the Quora platform related to doing an MBA.

Data science is the big draw in business schools

ft.com, 16 April 2018

Julien Manteau, HEC’s director of strategy and global development for masters programs, discusses the promising new application figures for the data science for business masters dual degree.