HEC in the Press

The Downside of Full Pay Transparency

wsj.com, 13 August 2017

Proponents tout the benefits of sharing pay information across an organization. But for more organizations, the costs outweigh the benefits, says Dr. Zenger in an op-ed for the WSJ. He mentions a study he recently conducted with Tomasz Obloj, Professor of Strategy at HEC Paris. 

Why The Ability To Fail Leads To Innovation

Forbes.com, 3 August 2017

"Success is 99% failure." What is the relationship of failure to innovation and why do so few organizations have a culture where the ability to fail or experiment is a valued part of innovation? What are the organizational barriers to this?

Laurence Lehman Ortega, affiliate professor in strategy and business policy at HEC Paris Executive Education, explains that failure itself doesn’t lead to innovation but it’s how you deal with failure that matters. 

Business Schools Demand More from The MBA Rankings

businessbecause.com, 1 August 2017

HEC Paris offers one of the world’s highest-ranked full-time MBAs yet the ranking fails to reflect some fundamental differences between this school and others similarly bracketed, according to Business Because. According to Andrea Masini, Dean of the HEC Paris MBA, international rankings fail to acknowledge the school's mission to transform careers.

HEC Paris MBA Makes The Triple Jump Into A Top Consulting Job At Deloitte

businessbecause.com, 28 July 2017

Johann Matthai (MBA ’16) changed role, industry, and location after a full-time MBA at HEC Paris. 

At HEC Paris, A Splash of 'Ooh La La' In An MBA

poetsandquants.com, 26 July 2017

At HEC Paris, the excursion to one of Burgundy’s finest producers of wine is just par for the course. Every year, as part of its academic offerings, the school organizes field trips to Hermes workshops, Dior headquarers, and the Pommery cellars in Reims among other places where students gain the perspective of top executives grappling with the ultra-competitive world of luxury products.

How Civil Society In Europe Can Defend Itselfs

Bloomberg.com, 19 July 2017

The Soros-funded university in Hungary isn't the only non-governmental organization under attack in Europe, says Alberto Alemanno, Jean Monnet Professor of EU Law at HEC Paris, in an op-ed for Bloomberg. 

Lobbying transparency enhances MEPs' freedom

euobserver.com, 4 July 2017

HEC Paris Professor Alberto Alemanno speaks about the importance of lobbying within the European Parliament.

Best Free Business MOOCs in July

Poets & Quants , 1 July 2017

HEC Paris was chosen among the business schools that have the best free business MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) in July with “Anticipating Your Next Battle, in Business and Beyond” starting July the 3rd .

‘Lobbyists for hire’ undermine academic authority, says professor

timeshighereducation.com, 18 June 2017

HEC Paris’ Alberto Alemanno says academics who influence policy ‘often’ do it in return for money. Alemanno believes that academics are well positioned to serve as “citizen lobbyists”, a theme he explores in his book Lobbying for Change: Find Your Voice to Create a Better Society .

The Importance of Being Ernest: How Your First Name Can Shape Your Face

Forbes.com, 8 June 2017

HEC Paris’ international study by HEC Professor of Marketing and member of the CNRS-GREGHEC research group, Anne-Laure Sellier, published in April’s Journal of Personality and Social Psychology suggests that the stereotype that society places on people’s names could actually shape the our facial features.