HEC in the Press

Puma CEO steps down as PPR steps in

chicagotribune.com, 12 December 2012

Jean François Palus, graduate of HEC Paris, new chairman of the Puma supervisory board, takes matters into hand as Puma decides to cut costs and improve their performance

Enlightened champions of new technology

ft.com, 12 December 2012

HEC Paris’ Professor of Strategy, Rodolphe Durand, has recently published a book co-authored with HEC PhD graduate Jean-Philippe Vergne:  The Pirate Organization: Lessons from the Fringes of Capitalism. The book tells us exactly why we find pirates so fascinating.

Appeal of MBA continues to grow

khaleejtimes.com, 11 December 2012

The Khaleej Times , in association with MBA50.com, has compiled the results of the big five MBA rankings to produce a Ranking of Rankings, the MBA50 Premiership 2012. It shows HEC Paris rising at the expense of Spain’s Esade. Bernard Garette, HEC Paris MBA Dean, shares his thoughts about the difference of schools at the top of each ranking.


Save money while shopping by averting your eyes

mnn.com, 10 December 2012

A study co-authored by  marketing researchers at HEC Paris has shown that shoppers tend to buy items at the center of store displays because their eyes subconsciously look straight while shopping.

España, líder en escuelas de negocios

elpais.com, 9 December 2012

This article talks about the latest Financial Times rankings and the different aspects that a student looks for when applying to a business school. The author mentions that HEC Paris gained 2nd  place in the rankings this year.

HEC Paris academics receive near-$1m grant from QNRF

ameinfo.com, 9 December 2012

Andrea Masini and Sam Aflaki, associate and assistant professors at HEC Paris, have been granted nearly $1million from the QNRF for their research project that is being carried out in HEC Paris in Qatar. This article tells readers more about the research and the HEC Paris ‘hub for Executive Education’ in Qatar.

Qatar invests in education

cpifinancial.net, 9 December 2012

Andrea Masini and Sam Aflaki, Professors at HEC Paris, have received almost $1million in a grant awarded to them by the QNRF. Their research proposal, ‘Designing, managing and assessing incentive structures for sustainable Energy Solutions’, is soon to be launched. The article explains to us the importance of the project and what it is likely to involve.

Praise and Criticism

Handelsblatt, 7 December 2012

This article puts together all the 2012 school MBA rankings to work out where each school has come on average. HEC Paris has climbed positions from last year to this year, gaining 6th  place in 2012!

A ‘Nudge' in the Right Direction?

Aktuelle Papier-Rundschau Wellpappe, 7 December 2012

For the past decade, the anti-smoking campaign has grown across the world. Certain methods to encourage people to stop smoking are considered more effective than others, according to Alberto  Alemanno, Professor at HEC Paris. In this article he tells APR what he thinks

In Paris, defunct chimneys get a clean sweep

smartplanet.com, 7 December 2012

A team of two French researchers and an American, who is currently studying at HEC Paris, aims to improve the way we think about sustainable architecture. This article discusses the team’s ideas of ‘Air Design Lab’.