Nuclear Risk & Public Decision-Making Scientific Conference

20 December 2011

The issue of safety in the nuclear industry was in the limelight in 2011 because of the Fukushima disaster. The issue, however, is related to other, broader and more fundamental questions, relating to the way public decisions are made in situations of uncertainty in our democracies, and the role technical expertise and scientific research play in that regard. In order to contribute to the (...)

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HEC Paris celebrates its 130 years in 130 days

12 December 2011

To celebrate its 130 years, starting from 12 December HEC Paris is launching a dedicated website that will publish 130 posts tracing back through the greatest moments of its history; a history marked by a taste for audacity. “130 years of inspiration,” such is the guiding thread that we suggest you follow. With great pedagogical innovations, portraits of alumni who went on to follow rather unique (...)

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Food Consumption trends as a social indicator, research by David Dubois, Assistant Professor at HEC Paris.

25 November 2011

David Dubois, Assistant Professor at HEC Paris, led a research project on how people consume supersized food. The research, forthcoming at Journal of Consumer Research, is entitled “Super Size Me: Product Size as a Signal of Status” and co-authored with Derek D. Rucker and Adam D.Galinsky — both from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management. This research suggests that consumers’ (...)

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