HEC Paris Honoris Causa Professor 2017 Rewards Lifelong Work of Nobel Laureate Eric Maskin

12 October 2017

On September 18, 2017, Nobel laureate Eric Maskin became the latest recipient of the HEC Paris Honoris Causa Professor Award, a title which recognizes the works of exceptional heads of states, professors and business leaders. Accepting the award as a “wonderful honor”, the pioneer in mechanism design and implementation theory proceeded to describe his application of mechanism design on (...)

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Lift-off for HEC Paris-Coursera's Online Adventure

6 October 2017

September saw the launch of one HEC’s most ambitious education courses, the Online Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, OMIE. 18 months after Dean Peter Todd asked Associate Dean in charge of Digital Marc Vanhuele to construct the business school’s first-ever 100% online degree course, OMIE opened its internet valves to welcome the first batch of students from the global web community. (...)

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From Chekhov to Ikigai: HEC Paris launches its master class in entrepreneurship at Station F

4 October 2017

A full house on Monday, October 2, for "It’s never too late to start!” HEC Paris Executive Education’s first-ever master class at Station F, devoted to entrepreneurship. Hundreds more spectators followed the event, broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube. They all hoped to gain valuable insight from HEC Paris professors Etienne Krieger and Frédéric Iselin. The academics were joined by a panel (...)

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Welcome Day Brings Together HEC Family

27 September 2017

September 3, 2017 marked HEC Paris’ Welcome Day, organized on its leafy campus at Jouy-en-Josas. Yet this was an inaugural edition for HEC Paris, bringing together for the first time newly-arrived students and their families from all of HEC’s schools and centers. It was a 2,000-strong communion light years away from the 1881 version.

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Lebanon’s ESA Business School and HEC Paris Launch New Master

15 September 2017

September saw the kick-off of a one-year countdown towards a new Entrepreneurship Master, born out of the partnership between Beirut’s Ecole Supérieure des Affaires, HEC Paris and the Chambre de Commerce d’Industrie de Beyrouth et du Mont Liban. The three-party accord, signed on June 21 2017 at the Paris Chamber of Commerce (CCIR), gives birth to a Master taught entirely in English. It will be (...)

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A Balancing Act: Juggling HEC Studies and Business Initiatives

11 September 2017

Nothing prevents HEC Paris students from creating startups in parallel to their studies. That was the conviction of several HEC graduates 2016 hoping to be at the heart of France’s surge up the global startup league. Five alumni from the Grande Ecole, MBA and Executive Education share their experiences of mixing studies with business.

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HEC Incubator Jumps on Station F Startup Train

7 July 2017

The much-anticipated opening of the Station F startup campus moved into its operational phase, called Onboarding. In the first week of July it welcomed around 1,000 startups into a transformed Paris train depot known as the Halle Freyssinet. At the heart of the ambitious project is HEC Incubator, its 73 startups, 180 workspaces and 700m² of open space

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HEC Paris and ESA Launch Joint Initiative to Explore Outer Space for Peaceful and Sustainable Business Projects

22 June 2017

The European Space Agency and HEC Paris have signed a joint accord centered on the creation of ESA_LAB@HEC Paris.

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D-TEA conference: Can Majority Judgment Solve the Iniquities of the Majority Rule Voting System ? Two Researchers Are Convinced it Can

21 June 2017

HEC Professor Itzhak Gilboa and his team decided to devote themselves to the theme of voting at the 2017 D-TEA workshop (Decision: Theory, Experiments & Applications). Set in the historic Institut Henri Poincaré, central Paris, the economist and specialist in Decision Sciences invited Michel Balinski and Rida Laraki to share their proposals to replace the Majority (...)

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Meeting the Architect of HEC Paris' First 100% Online Master's Degree

15 June 2017

It was back in March 2016 that HEC Paris Dean Peter Todd asked Professor Marc Vanhuele to devote himself to constructing the business school’s first-ever 100% online degree program. This associate Dean in charge of Digital appeared to be a perfect choice: throughout his 20-year-plus career at HEC, he has been integrating the latest in digital technology with his classroom teaching and marketing (...)

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