A new Mobile app for your international meetings, based on HEC Professor Michael Segalla’s research

21 January 2013

Scheduling an international meeting, either face to face or by video conference, can be challenging in today's global world. According to an article written in Harvard Business Review by Michael Segalla, Professor of Management at HEC Paris, approximately one third of the days in 2010 were "holiday-free days."

Michael Segalla - HEC Paris Professor

In his research, Michael Segalla discovered that in his database of 84 countries there were only 98 common workdays available for a meeting where someone from each country could participate after accounting for all typical national and religious holidays observed in Europe, North America, Asia, the Gulf States, and the BRIC countries. This means that only 38% of the business calendar is actually available for use.

If the common workdays during the typical summer holiday period that are observed by most European and Australian firms are also eliminated, there would be only 78 (30%) available days.  Professor Segalla updated his database to include over 200 countries and found that in 2012 there were only 10 "holiday-free" days in the world.

As international managers know, finding a common day is only half of the problem. Global teams must also find a common hour. Traveling eastward, a common workday from the west coast of the USA to New Zealand is 18 hours long. The city with the best positioning for a global telephone or video conference is Mumbai. Assuming you are organising a one-hour conference call or teleconference over lunch time in Mumbai it will be 8 am in London and 6 pm in Auckland.

Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT), a leading global company that specializes in corporate travel management and is familiar with the issue, asked Michael Segalla’s expertise to help develop a new technology platform for its clients. On December 4th 2012, based on Segalla’s findings, CWS launched CWT 78 BizDays, a new mobile app that helps find the most convenient day and time to schedule an international call, video conference, event or meeting for participants located in different countries. The meeting organizer can send participants a meeting notification via email directly from the CWT 78 BizDays app. Users can also find plenty of country-specific information within the app, including background on the holidays that are celebrated in any given country.

CWT is committed to investing in mobile solutions that uphold its promise to deliver the perfect trip to business travelers. Working with its newly-acquired subsidiary, WorldMate, CWT will be integrating additional functionalities into its mobile tools to ensure that travelers benefit from an even broader range of on-the-go services.

The app is available on iPad and iPhone from the iTunes apps store.

Alternatively CWT 78BizDays can also be used via the website 

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