Anaïs Barut, HEC Paris graduate and the youngest ever MIT prize winner

21 October 2015

At 22 years of age, having graduated from HEC Paris in July 2014, Anaïs Barut has just developped, with two associates, a technology which is revolutionizing dermatological biopsy.

In September 2014, Anaïs Barut created DAMAE Medical, a company that has developped an imaging device using innovative technology which allows viewing tissue in a non-evasive manner. 


The principle consists of measuring, thanks to a high-speed camera, the inteferences resulting from the superposition of a beam of light, with the light relfected by the tissue's microstructures that you want to capture. These interferences carry the information of the spatial distribution of these internal, biological structures. An algorithim allows us to reconstruct a posteriori  a morphological image of the tissue.

Anaïs Barut's journey is exemplary: after a scientific classe prépa , she enrolled at the engineering school of the Institut d'optique graduate school  at Palaiseau. There, she met her two future associates: a teacher/researcher, Arnaud Dubois, and a student, David Siret. Arnaud Dubois is the one who came up with the original idea for optic technology.

For Anaïs Barut, it was necessary to add entrepreneurial training - her second passion - to her scientific background. This was achieved in July 2014 when she obtained her double diplôme  from HEC Paris and the Filière Innovation-Entrepreneurs de l'Institut d'Optique Graduate School. In the meantime, the business project est laureat of the first stage of the Worldwide Innovation Competition  2030. This competition gave DAMAE Medical great exposure, as well as a grant of €200,000.

Thanks to these funds, DAMAE Medical today has a laboratory at its disposal on the Saclay plateau, allowing it to carry out preclinical tests. "We are delighted to have chosen to establish our business in France, since we have suceeded in creating a real innovative ecosystem with many public partners (the CNRS, l'Université Paris-Sud, l'Institut d'optique...), financial partners, notably BPI who have helped us enormously, and other big groups such as Altran who provide us with mentors. As such, we really feel like things are moving forward."

It was MIT Technology Review  who launched the Prix Innovateurs  for those 35 and under, encouraging innovation made in Europe . This is something that has rewarded young pioneers of high technology. With their talents, they are seeking to find solutions to certain challenges, in order to improve the lives of millions. Find out more here

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