Christophe Pérignon : Fifth HEC Paris Professor to Be Named Best Young Researcher in Finance

7 April 2014

Christophe Pérignon, Associate Professor in Finance at HEC Paris and Specialist in Financial Risk Management, has received the prize for the Best Young Researcher in Finance 2014, awarded by the Institut Europlace de Finance at the 7th Financial Risks International Forum.

Christophe Pérignon, professeur à HEC -

Following in the footsteps of Laurent Calvet, Thierry Foucault, David Thesmar and François Derrien, Pérignon is the fifth HEC Paris Professor to be awarded this prize by the Institut Europlace de Finance for his research work.

Christophe Pérignon received the 2014 edition of this prize during the “Financial Risks International Forum – Big Data in Finance and Insurance” conference, organised by the Louis Bachelier Institute, 21st March 2014, in Paris.

Pérignon’s research work is on systemic Risks and Regulation of Financial Markets. Pérignon considers that the crisis has had a real impact on financial research: "Before, research used to be concentrated primarily on investment decisions: which equity to buy, when to buy it and at what price. All of the post transaction process was ignored and considered a back-office issue. We have now seen that even a company as renowned as Lehman Brothers was able to go bankrupt. This sparks a number of questions on the situation and the need to follow financial portfolios. All these preoccupations, which were considered secondary up until now, have become central". (Interviewed by Coralie Bach, Louis Bachelier Institute).

Christophe Pérignon has just published the new edition of his book, co-written with Bertrand Jacquillat and Bruno Solnik, entitled "Marchés Financiers: Gestion de Portefeuilles et des Risques", Dunod 2014. His forthcoming work is on The Collateral Risk of ETF.   

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