Consumer choice predicted by visual processes, Selin Atalay's latest research article

5 May 2012
Selin Atalay, HEC Paris Professor

Selin Atalay, Assistant Professor in the department of Marketing at HEC Paris, has led a research project entitled “Shining in the Center: Central Gaze Cascade Effect on Product Choice,” co-authored with H. Onur Bodur, and Dina Rasolofoarison. The paper will be published in the Journal of Consumer Research in December 2012.

In the article the authors looked at how horizontal shelf location impacts consumers’ visual search and attention processes as well as brand choice. More specifically, they investigated how the way in which products are displayed impacts attention, brand inferences and choice. They found that the option located in the horizontal center of a product array is preferred. The findings reported, obtained from simulations of supermarket shelf displays, can be generalized to other options presented horizontally such as items in menus and vending machines as well as online retailers.

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