First TEDx HEC Paris: Turning Points Which Can Change the World

27 November 2013

On October 18th 2013, the very first TEDxHECParis event was held on the HEC Campus, bringing together a panel of speakers from very different backgrounds and cultures around the theme of Turning Points. By organizing this first of hopefully many more TED events, HEC Paris joined the worldwide TEDx community with one common idea: “Ideas Worth Spreading”. Here are the videos of the talks.

Two key ideas that inspired HEC Students to organize the first TEDx event on the HEC campus were audacity and heterogeneity: the audacity to gather nonconventional speakers coming from the most heterogeneous backgrounds, culture and fields around the mutual concept of Turning Points. The theme of TEDxHECParis concentrated on those changes in perspective which have the potential to change the world, and reuniting inspiring individuals through example or visionary thinking.

Two HEC Graduates: a humanitarian, a feminist co-founder of one of the largest integrated marketing communication agencies, an award-winning photojournalist, a socially-engaged orchestral conductor, a rapper, a leader in Obama's historic campaign for the Young Democrats, a cellist-prodigy, an HEC professor and creative expert, hip hop dancers, and a chef renowned for his innovative cooking all shared their turning Points with us during a 4 hour show that delighted both the lucky audience who attended this very first TEDXHECParis, and the even larger audience who watched it all via the live stream.

The power of photography to change the world: REZA


For the past 30 years, Reza has traveled the world bearing witness to moments of war and peace, as a photographer. He has been awarded numerous prizes, including the World Press Photo Award and the Infinity Award. REZA is committed to training women and children, through workshops in visual media and communications to help them strive for a better life. Reza talks about the power of visual media to stimulate social changes and to reveal the beauty of humanity. REZA talks about the power of visual media to stimulate social changes and to reveal the beauty of humanity.

TEDXHECParis - Reza'as talk by Alexia LEIBBRANDT

Live music performance: Médine


Bringing hope through the humanitarian cause: Philippe Lévêque


Graduated from HEC Paris in 1982, Philippe Lévêque joined IBM France in 1984 where he held various commercial responsibilities until 1989, when he became Marketing Director of SYSTAR Inc until 1993 (Paris, Washington DC). After spending a year in Africa, he decided to adopt the humanitarian cause. In May 2000, Philippe Lévêque was appointed CEO of CARE France, one of the 14 member organizations of CARE International.

TEDXHECParis - P.Lévêque's talk by Alexia LEIBBRANDT

Breaking barriers through music: Hugues Reiner 


Hugues Reiner is a French conductor, founder of the French Army’s Choir and the “Chœurs Résilience“. With his music, he mainly works with people with particular experiences, excluded individuals and disabled persons. His talk describes how to use music to change the world.

TEDXHECParis - H.Reiner's talk by Alexia LEIBBRANDT

Live cello performance: Adrien Frasse-Sombet


How I became a feminist at the age of five: Mercedes Erra 


Graduated from HEC (1981), Mercedes Erra is the founder of BETC and the Executive President of Havas Worldwide. She co-founded the Women's Forum for the Economy and Society and led numerous campaigns promoting gender equality. She is mother to five boys. Her talk outlines the importance of women in business and feminism as a turning point.

TEDXHECParis - M.Erra's talk by Alexia LEIBBRANDT

A turning point in time scheduling: Anne-Laure Sellier


Anne-Laure Sellier is an Associate Professor of Marketing at HEC Paris. Her research interests are in the area of time perception, creativity, self-regulation and generally how emotions and cognitions interact in judgment and decision-making. In 2013 she received the Teaching Innovation Award of the HEC Foundation. Anne-Laure Sellier talks about time perception and the influence of time on decision-making processes.

TEDXHECParis - A-L. Sellier's talk by Alexia LEIBBRANDT

Attracting global youth leaders: Heather Brown


Heather Brown was Chief of Staff to the President of the Young Democrats of America during President Obama's historic 2008 campaign. She is the founder and Executive Director of the World Youth Peace Movement. Her message is to engage and attract global youth leaders and to provide opportunities for these youth leaders to work with each other as they grow in their careers.

TEDXHECParis - H.Brown's talk by Alexia LEIBBRANDT

Live dance performance: Sami Fadloun & Benit Ehoke


A culinary business perspective: Thierry Marx at TEDxHECParis


Chef and F&B Director for Mandarin Oriental, Paris, Thierry Marx was awarded his first Michelin star in 1988 at Roc en Val in Tours. In 2006, Thierry Marx was elected Chef of the Year by the Gault et Millau guide. Pioneer of molecular gastronomy, his cooking is creative and innovative. Thierry Marx's talk describes the road towards becoming a successful entrepreneur as a chef.

TEDXHECParis - T.Marx's talk by Alexia LEIBBRANDT

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