Fish Your Food, an Aquaponic Idea!

17 December 2013

Kelsey Julius, MSc Stainable Development student at HEC Paris, is the creator of the ‘Fish Your Food’ project. She is preparing to install an aquaponic farm on campus in an experiment supported by the business school, which will allow her to create her own enterprise based around the concept of sustainability once she has graduated.

Fish your Food, by HEC Student Kelsey Julius

We are all conscious of the issues of sustainable development and climate change, yet despite international conferences many of us still continue to act as if these problems do not concern us.
Aquaponics is a farming method that mimics a natural closed-loop ecosystem, harnessing the power of fish waste (rather than harmful chemical fertilizers) to feed and grow plants.

Effluent-rich water is pumped into grow beds where beneficial bacteria convert ammonia waste into nitrites and nitrates that the plants use as nutrients. The plants in turn filter the water which drains back into the fish tank. This cycle means that aquaponics uses 90% less water than traditional agriculture.

Excited by the concept, Kelsey travelled the United States and Germany to further her knowledge on the subject. She even road-tested the idea in her bedroom on campus, managing to grow lentils in her fish tank!

With financial and logistical backing from HEC she will be carrying out a larger scale experiment in January, installing an aquaponic farm on campus. Once she has finished this experiment and graduated, Kelsey hopes to turn this trial into a commercial enterprise in Nantes.

To find out more about Kelsey’s work and support her project, click here.

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