HEC Alumni Week

15 January 2013

The second HEC Alumni Week "All HEC" takes place from Tuesday 15th January to Friday 18th January 2013 on campus. It will give students the opportunity to network, leverage the experience of HEC graduates and take part in the many events organized by the HEC Alumni Association.

HEC Alumni Week 2013

"The more you share, the more you grow": such is the motto of the week, which, through many meetings and workshops, helps the students to prepare to enter the professional world and benefit from the amazing diversity of the HEC alumni network.

Alumni based in France and abroad, and representing many different sectors of activity (such as Consulting, Entrepreneurship, Luxury, Sustainable Development and Finance sectors) will describe their experiences and give advice to students in a relaxed setting.

The highlight of the week takes place on January 16th during the HEC Alumni Forum, with a conference given by three prominent HEC alumni who are now renowned political and business public figures:

  • Mercedes Erra (H81) the Executive President of Havas Worldwide,
  • Jean Louis Borloo (MBA76), former minister,MP of the Northern region of France and President of UDI political party,
  • Dan Serfaty, CEO of Viadeo.

They will share with the students their views on the topic "From campus life to responsible living, what can we do to change society?"


Tuesday 15th January

11.30am-4.30pm: meeting with the graduates
Location: HEC Alumni Association stand in Galerie Nord
7.30pm-9.30pm: graduates share their internship experiences with the students
Location: Kfêt M + Zinc
HEC Alumni Forum - Wednesday 16th January

11.30am: Meeting with the International Alumni
1pm: Lunch and a continuation of sharing experiences.
2.45pm-5pm ; Simultaneous workshops:

  • Working abroad
  • Real and virtual networks: which multipliers leverages?
  • First professional steps: Female specifications?
  • Becoming an entrepreneur
  • The 7 golden clues for an ideal job (Conference by Daniel Porot)

8pm- Conference on "The Voice and Paths of HEC: From campus life to responsible living, what can we do to change society?" (Amphitheatre T.206)

Thursday 7th January

10am-12pm: Speed mentoring
Location : Hall d’honneur

Friday 18th January

9am-12pm: Free communication
Location: Association Stand- Galerie Nord

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