'HEC Ideas': Animations movies to share Academic Knowledge

14 October 2013

HEC Paris has launched ‘HEC Ideas’, a new video production which aims to bring the ideas of research professors to life in video form. These educational animations are a means of making research concepts accessible to all. The first video, based on the work of Rodolphe Durand, Strategy Professor at HEC Paris, gives an original depiction of the role of organizations.

At HEC Paris, research excellence is a priority. Our research professors publish work in the most prestigious journals: all are sources of reference in their fields, whilst they also work collectively to further their research on management. We are thus convinced that this brain not be reserved solely for an elite intellectual or the best academics. This knowledge generated at HEC sheds light on our society and deserves to be shared with as many people as possible.

It is with this in mind that HEC Paris decided to launch a series of animations entitled ‘HEC Ideas’, in which our professors explain a concept linked to their own research in an educational yet entertaining way.

Our first film, released today, is called ‘How To Bake a Broccoli Quiche: A View On Organizations’ and is based on the book, Organizations, Strategy and Society: The Orgology of Disorganized Worlds  (Routledge, 2015), by HEC Strategy Professor and director of the Society and Organizations Research Center, Rodolphe Durand. By drawing on examples from our everyday lives the film shows how organizations occupy our society and constitute a wealth of solutions and meanings. Understanding organizations is to redifine managment as a discipline and it allows individuals to play a role in economic, political and social change. As Rodolphe Durand tells us in the video: ‘Time to Reorganize!’ (Learn more about Rodolphe Durand's research on Organizations)

In the coming months, there will be three more videos produced on the topics of Socially responsible investing (SRI), incentives and Energy.

‘HEC Ideas’ is the product of a partnership with HEC graduate Augustin de Belloy, cofounder and CEO of Left Productions. It was his classes at HEC which inspired him to create a video: ‘Academic research no longer seems to be just simply ‘academic’! It extends beyond these initial circles and challenges our view of the world today to such an extent that it becomes revolutionary. We have created the ‘HEC Ideas’ series to share this point of view.

So now it’s down to you to share these videos with as many people as possible!

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