HEC Paris’ EMBA participants in China donate RMB700,000 to help rebuild Shangyong Primary School

27 September 2011

On September 3, 2011, the participants of the EMBA class of 2007 finally saw the result of their donations, with the inauguration ceremony of a new teaching building in the Shangyong Primary school in Qionhai Jiaji, China.

The donation was originally raised to help the victims of the Wen Chuan Earthquake in May 2008. The class committee members went to the earthquake area many times and tried to choose the most worthy cause for their donation. However, at the time there was already extensive support and donations being sent to the area, therefore the EMBA participants decided to look further. Following a great deal of research and several visits, they decided to help Shangyong primary school where the teaching building had fallen into disrepair and the pupils’ and teachers’ lives were at risk. The idea of helping Shangyong Primary School to rebuild their teaching building attracted a lot of attention and in the end the Jiaji Town government also decided to make a financial contribution and gave full administrative support to the project.

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