HEC Paris Leadership Center breaks new ground

15 May 2012

The HEC Paris Leadership Center revamps its offering and appoints Bernard Bourigeaud, former CEO of Atos Origin as President. The Center was created in 2008 through an innovative partnership with L’Oreal, Alcatel-Lucent and MSD China in order to create and showcase world-class knowledge on leadership. The participation of two additional international companies is anticipated during 2012 to reach an optimal number of five.

“Sponsoring partners participate in both the steering Committee, which sets the research and program agenda, and the International Advisory Board, whose membership is wider and drawn from the senior leadership of diverse industries and sectors,” explains Bernard Bourigeaud, the new President of the Center.

The HEC Paris Leadership Center focuses on three main areas of activities in leadership which are designed to create value and visibility for all stakeholders: innovative program designs, cutting-edge multi-disciplinary research, dialogue and exchange. The HEC Paris leadership programs seek to increase individual leadership capacity, by building on both key conceptual frameworks and hands-on leadership experience.

“The Center serves as a catalyst for scholars to develop research across disciplines, not only to better understand the complexities of today’s leadership, but also to anticipate future challenges,” says Kristen Neymarc, the new Executive Director of the HEC Paris Leadership Center.

By organizing international conferences, expert workshops, and CEO speaker events, the Center brings together outstanding faculty, experts and corporate leaders to address leadership issues and trends. Students play active roles in all events (members of panel debate, organizational design). The events not only help raise the awareness of the general public about key leadership findings, but also provide a unique opportunity for speakers and attendees to meet and share experiences in an open-minded frame of mind. Emphasis is placed on multicultural leadership which directly benefits from HEC Paris’ international locations in China, Russia, Qatar and Africa.

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