HEC Paris "Leads with Sense" with its first Massive Open Online Course Specialization

4 September 2015

HEC Paris has launched its first open innovative and online course Specialization – available on Coursera – through which Professor Valérie Gauthier presents a new, practical approach to leadership. 

‘Inspirational Leadership: Leading with Sense/ Savoir-relier’ SPECIALIZATION aims to help participants harness and develop key aspects of their leadership skills such as self-awareness, confidence, empathy, trust in others, co-operation, resilience in over-coming crises, sense-building and responsibility. 

Enrolling in this Specialization will allow participants to engage in acts of leadership and progressively improve their inter-personal skills, with a focus on the art of connecting more deeply with oneself as well as with others: “le Savoir-Relier”. 

Leaders from different organizations such as Poilâne, Orange, Publicis, Bla Bla Car and experts of the HEC Paris Leadership Certificate will share their insights about what it takes to become a great leader and how they have applied the Savoir-Relier methodology ( in achieving the things that they have.

Upon completion of the three courses, the participants will have developed the skills necessary to tackle the challenge of real-world industry or for approaching their own, personal leadership challenges. This is the subject of the CAPSTONE project, proposed at the end of the 3 MOOCs..

MOOC 1: Building Your Leadership Skills

MOOC 2: Giving Sense to Your Leadership Experience

MOOC 3: Leading organizations

CAPSTONE: Your Leadership Challenge 

In 2014, HEC Paris was the first business school in France to launch a massive open online course (MOOC) on Coursera. The success of its MOOCs confirms HEC’s commitment to this innovative educational tool. 

HEC Paris MOOCs in numbers: 5 MOOCs; 1 SPECIALIZATION; 3 MOOCs under preparation; 150 000 participants worldwide; 7500 certificates awarded. 


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