HEC Paris PhDs stepping out onto the world stage

28 April 2015

The current job market season is shaping up as another excellent one for the HEC Paris doctoral program. HEC Paris strives to place its PhD graduates across leading business schools worldwide. 

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This year, offers have been received from Princeton, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Bocconi University, Tulane University, and other prestigious institutions. 

“HEC Paris and its professors are very supportive in having students present their work, both internally and at international conferences. I also spent a year visiting LSE, which broadened my contacts, ideas and perspective,” notes Adrien Matray, assistant professor of finance at Princeton. “Additionally, the job market upon graduation is strong. I received offers from world-class institutions, among them Princeton. In my opinion, HEC is one of the best business schools in the world for a PhD.” 

The HEC Paris PhD program is built on a strategy of excellence, with a rigorous selection process, high-caliber and ambitious students, and a small program size. With only one to four students enrolled in each area of specialization every year, the cornerstones of the program are demanding coursework, one-on-one supervision, and strong support for successful placements. 

Anne Jacqueminet, assistant professor at Bocconi University, adds: “When I joined HEC’s PhD Program, I knew what I wanted to study given my work experience. I lacked, however, the theoretical background and academic training that I needed. At HEC, I benefitted from constructive interactions with highly qualified faculty and fellow students, and built a fruitful relationship with my advisor. Thanks to this, and the program’s funding, I also had the opportunity to attend international conferences and meet some prominent professors who engaged with my research.” 

The HEC Paris PhD Program is truly global, with students hailing from 25 different countries currently enrolled. Graduates go on to work at leading institutions all over the world. 

“PhD students at HEC interact constantly with renowned faculty and scholars. It’s prepared me excellently for a fruitful academic career,” says Thomas Bourveau, assistant professor at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

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