HEC Paris launches its first Summer School on Inclusive and Social Business

10 June 2014

HEC Paris welcomes students from all over the world for its inaugural Summer School Program, 9th  – 20th  June, dedicated to Inclusive and Social Business. The intensive two-week course will focus on the societal challenges that many businesses face. With this new program, HEC Paris is seeking the next generation of leaders who are aware of societal challenges and who aspire to be part of the solution.

HEC Paris launches its first Summer School on Inclusive and Social Business

"This two-week program is a real opportunity to think out of the box and investigate why and how businesses should commit to fighting poverty and exclusion", said Frédéric Dalsace, Associate Professor at HEC Paris (Marketing Department) and co-founder of the program along with Bénédicte Faivre-Tavignot, Academic Director of the MSc in Sustainable Development.

HEC professors, as well as additional guest speakers, and learning expeditions whereby you will meet directly with social entrepreneurs in the field. The focus will be on the reality of what it takes to build a social enterprise and maintain an inclusive business model. Students will work together to study innovative ways businesses are approaching social needs.

The inaugural class of the HEC Summer Program is highly diverse. The intake is comprised of 20 nationalities which mirrors the diversity found in all HEC Programs. Students range in age from 19-29, and have various areas of academic focus. This class diversity will allow students to learn and appreciate different points of view which they may not normally be exposed to in a typical school environment. 

In addition to taking classes, students will hear presentations from guest speakers and participate in team building activities which will allow them further opportunities to learn from new perspectives and to work together. Over the two-week period, participants will also work on a case study where they will be able to see how the Michelin Company has been able to react to societal change. At the end of the program they will be asked to give Michelin executives their thoughts on potential ways to solve problems that the company faces.

Outside of the class environment, participants will be invited to join in with the on-campus social events that HEC has planned, with films, sport activities, and wine and cheese tasting all on offer. 

The Summer Program at HEC Paris aims to give students the chance to build relationships with other top students from all over the world, as well as highly-esteemed faculty and staff. 

All participants will have an exceptional opportunity to combine classroom learning with real world experience, in order to further their understanding of what Social Business really means. HEC hopes that each student leaves feeling inspired, and armed with the ability to facilitate societal change within their own work.

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