IT innovations in higher education: Improving the way we teach and learn

23 April 2013

HEC Paris participated in the Technology in Higher Education (THE) conference that took place from 16th –17th April at the Qatar National Convention Centre in Doha. The forum is an annual conference to learn more about the latest applications of technology in teaching and learning in higher education, and inspire educators and information technology professionals to make effective and intelligent use of technology in learning environment.

IT innovations in higher education: Improving the way we teach and learn - HEC Paris 2013

Under the theme “Today, Tomorrow and Beyond: Innovation in Teaching, Technology and Learning”, this year's conference focused on cloud technologies, virtual reality, the next generation of information technology infrastructure among other topics such as mobile devices (and iPads) in the classroom, “flipped classroom” methodologies, the benefits of social media to learning and, emerging e-learning technologies and scenarios as illustrated by MOOCs.
More than 280 leading educators, IT professionals, librarians, support personnel, and students representing universities across Education City in Doha attended the conference. The aim was to encourage the use of technology in teaching and learning in higher education and facilitate the dissemination of knowledge and debate about educational and technological advancements.
Along with Mr. Philip Long, who has served as Chief Information Officer at Yale University; Steve Wheeler, Associate Professor of Learning Technology, School of Education, University of Plymouth; Derek Bruff, Director of the Center for Teaching at Vanderbilt University; faculty and professionals from Qatar and the region, three HEC Paris staff participated in the workshops: Kristine de Valk, Marketing Professor, Karine Le Joly, Director of Academic Innovation and Coordination for Executive Education, and Vanessa Klein, IT innovation project director
Klein and Le Joly led the discussion based on the experience that they have developed with the Executive Education Programs at HEC Paris, and the management of HEC iTunes U project.

Here are the workshops they moderated:

HEC professor Kristine de Valck, "Living & Learning in a Social MediaWorld"

Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit and the like: Professor de Valck discussed the ways in which the social media phenomenon has changed not only our academic environments, but our everyday lives.  Emphasizing the importance of social media literacy and the need for students to understand the culture of various collaboration platforms found online, Professor de Valck shared what she has discovered by implementing a required social media component in her courses, providing some interesting information about the social media literacy of her students.

Karine Le Joly and Vanessa Klein,  "eContent, from “Electronic Schoolbag” to “Collaborative Toolkit”"

As information and knowledge are becoming massively and openly available and shared, new forms of learning are emerging. Le Joly and Klein first considered the perspective of the individual educator concerned with the evolution of his/her teaching methods: They discuss the use of e-content in the classroom and explained how tablets (and iPads in particular) can support collaborative learning processes beyond individual reading and annotation. They also addressed the view of a higher education institution having to define a strategy for the future and decide on the production and diffusion of different forms of e-content. Le Joly and Klein particularly discussed the emergence of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), compared them with existing e-content distribution platforms, such as iTunes U, and introduced new business models and questions to be considered by Higher Education institutions as MOOCs are viewed all together as business and pedagogical innovations.

Karine Le Joly in collaboration with Kai-Henrik Barth, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Georgetown University, Virginia Jones, Instructional Design Analyst, Georgetown University and Karawan Alsaleh, Information Technology Consultant, Texas A&M
iPads in the Classroom: Teaching and Learning Innovation at Education City. This session provided an overview of three Education City institutions which piloted iPads in the classroom during the past year. Panelists, including faculty and instructional technologists, shared their experience and discussed what the benefits and key success factors of integrating iPads into their curriculum have been.


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