Leading People: Making Good into Great, an MBA conference held by Bernard Bourigeaud

25 March 2012

Hard skills refer to specific teachable abilities that can be defined and measured. By contrast, soft skills, such as how you manage your interpersonal relationships, are less tangible and harder to quantify. Hard skills will get you the job; soft skills will help you keep it.How can you find the right balance between your hard and soft skills in order to grow as a leader?

Bernard Bourigeaud, founder and former CEO of Atos Origin and newly appointed President of the HEC Paris Leadership Center led an interactive conference to MBA Participants last March 16th on his views of what makes a successful leader. A serial entrepreneur with extensive financial and operational experience on a global scale, Bourigeaud believes in strong leadership led by a focused, driven and approachable leader, who understands employees concerns at the grass roots of the company. Following a brief introduction and short presentation, MBA participants had the opportunity to ask all their questions.

Bernard Bourigeaud MBA Leadership

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