Prof. Oliver Gottschalg publishes the Spring 2011 HEC-Dow Jones Private Equity Fitness Ranking

19 May 2011

HEC Paris Professor Oliver Gottschalg has just published another landmark ranking for the Private Equity sector, drawing on a long-running academic study into the industry’s performance drivers.

The HEC-Dow Jones Private Equity Fitness RankingTM lists the Top 20 PE firms in terms of their competitive fitness, specifically, their expected ability to yield a superior performance over the next 5-10 years. With this ranking, Professor Gottschalg answers the question: “Which firms are best positioned to generate strong long-term performance in the future?

Private equity is notorious for being opaque and access to any data continues to prove difficult. In particular, little is known about the most important performance drivers of the industry and the competitive positioning of the key private equity firms.

The Private Equity Fitness Ranking (spring 2011) evaluates each firm’s competitive positioning based on 10 different empirically validated criteria and then derives an overall future competitiveness score based on the historic link between firm performance and each of these criteria. Collectively, these criteria capture some of the most relevant drivers of value creation, including scale, quality of deal flow, ability to time debt and equity markets, and strategic positioning.

“As Private Equity re-emerges after the crisis, the new Fitness Ranking reflects which firms have been able to weather the storm with a competitive positioning that allows them to likely take advantage of the post-crisis opportunities”, says Professor Gottschalg.

Find here the press release to access the rankings

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