Social Media: Effective Strategies to promote your brand, by HEC prof. Kristine De Valck

1 June 2013

In the most recent episode of your HEC Paris Insight video series, Kristine de Valck, HEC Paris Associate Professor in Marketing, explains how companies can use social media to help to promote their business brand, products, or services. She identifies good and bad practices concerning online marketing.


Nowadays, most companies use social media for communication and marketing strategies, but are they doing well? HEC Professor Kristine de Valck stresses that companies must first make clear the decisions on what their particular objectives are, from awareness, consideration, preference, and action to loyalty. She emphasizes the importance in understanding the particular culture of the various platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+,…) to be able to choose which ones are most suitable and achieve the objective.

Communities are very attractive to companies but Kristine de Valck points out many misunderstandings about the different ways of engaging communities via social media.

Lastly, she highlights the importance of measuring the ROI in online marketing and social media practices and encourages companies "to look beyond the number of likes".

Kristine de Valck joined HEC Paris in 2004. Her research focuses on virtual communities of consumption, consumer tribes, the role of Web 2.0 in co-creation, marketing and market research.


Word of mouth on the Internet. Being aware of message distortion, Kristine de Valck

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